The Best Floating Hotels in the World

Elephant in River Kwai Jungle Rafts Hotel

Floating hotels on a river with a nice nature around


Hotels are racing to offer the best experience to travelers. Hotels around the world are doing everything possible and sometimes on the edge of impossible to offer the coolest, most unforgettable experience. The pools are infinite, the buildings are touching the sky, rooms and restaurants are being built underwater and there is even a floating resort. Nowadays, there are floating hotels, floating restaurants and even floating hotel rooms in the world and they are spectacular. We have made a selection from across the globe of some of the best floating hotels.


River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Thailand

Eco-friendly floating hotels surrounded with forest


The River Kwai Jungle Rafts is a floating hotel Thailand and one of the top in this category worldwide. It is situated in the famous Kanchanburi and is surrounded by a tropical forest. It offers rooms floating on bamboo rafts which are eco-friendly.



Floating hotels on an early evening and romantic vibes with lights


This unique place doesn’t use electricity to stay eco-friendly and the walls are made from local bamboo. The rooms have outdoor decks and feature a hammock.


Off Paris Seine, France

Moder floating hotel with a view on a river and bridges


This floating hotel is one of the most desired on the planet. It is located on the Left Bank of the iconic river in Paris and is very close to the main sights in the city of Light.


Bar in a floating hotel in France with a small pool inside and a swan toy in it


No need to say that the views are amazing and the rooms are fully equipped. There is no better place to soak the glitzy vibe of Paris than the Off Paris Siene.


4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia

Cozy floating lodges in the nature


Situated in the heart of nature, this place is one of the most excellent hotels in the world.


Tented villas in Cambodia with a calm view


Set on the Tatai River it is very secluded and only accessible by boat. The tented villas are beautifully furnished and modern inside, offering gorgeous views.


Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama

Eco-friendly floating hotel with a nice table decor full with tropical fruits and champagne


Punta Caracol is famous for being amongst the most eco-friendly hotels in the world. It provides an intimate natural experience.


Floating hotel lodges put all next to each other over the sea


The hotel is built over the Caribbean Sea on a breathtakingly beautiful property. It is a luxurious location which also uses sustainable methods to reduce its footprint on the environment.


Aqua Mekong, Vietnam

Floating hotel in Vietnam on a sunset and two small guest boats next to it


This is a gorgeous, luxury hotel floating in Mekong Delta. It is a cruise with 20 suites and an inhouse restaurant.


Floating hotel with an in house restaurant


A holiday here will give you a great opportunity to experience Vietnam with all your senses. To be honest we would love to stay in each one of these floating hotels and probably you too! Each one of these beautiful spots is a small piece of paradise worth experiencing. If you are visiting one of the countries mentioned above book a night or two at these at these amazing floating hotels.


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