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Girl in Prison Town in Zanzibar

Woman enjoying the sun on a wooden boat


Zanzibar is an exotic destination famous for its white beaches and spices. Where is Zanzibar, you would ask? The Zanzibar archipelago is part of Tanzania. The island itself is quickly becoming one of the popular destinations among beach lovers. Although it is an island, your time in it will be filled with so many exciting activities, water sports, safaris, and of course the amazing Zanzibar food. This island has rich history with periods marked by Omanian, Persian and Portuguese rule as well as slavery and spice trade. The easiest way to reach Zanzibar is by ferry or a plane from Tanzania.


Two boats over the water area


To inspire you to visit this magical island we have made a selection of some of the top sights you can visit and enjoy in Zanzibar.


The Beaches

Woman in a hammock at the beach


The beaches look like taken from a postcard. They are with white sand, bordered by palm trees and also washed by turquoise waters.


Beautiful beaches surrounded with palm trees


The shores are very diverse and offer perfect conditions for kiteboarding, scuba diving or relaxing and enjoying the surrounding beauty.

Stone Town

Small street in Stone Town with kids on a bike and a street vendor


Stone town is the old centre of Zanzibar City. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built with coral stone which is also used throughout the island.


Woman wandering around Stone Town and an art house next to her


Tiny streets in Stone Town and people chatting


The city is influenced by various religions and cultures, so is local architecture. The massive Zanzibar doors are one of the most interesting architectural features of the city.


Old building in Stone Town


Colorful buildings and the sea behind them


They are made from fine wood and are decorated with interesting engravings.

Jozani Forest National Park

People exploring the most famous National Park in Zanzibar


This is a forest with old growth where you can admire various trees and mangroves. The fun part is watching the small monkeys running around.


Endemic species standing on a tree


They are also a great attraction and endemic species on the island.

Prison Island

Woman sitting on a shore and enjoying the view


Prison island offers breathtaking views of the shore. It takes an hour to get there by motorboat. The beaches are also gorgeous and there is a preservation area for big tortoises.


Giant turtle and tourists taking picture of it


Prison island offers great opportunities for diving and snorkelling.


Couple enjoying at the outdoor pool of an luxury hotel


Boats over the water and a piece of the forest behind then


Zanzibar is a beautiful destination and also perfect spot for everyone who enjoys tropical locations. However, if you want to visit this location pick your time well you would want to avoid rainy season.


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