Zero Waste Travel – A More Responsible Way to Discover the World

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The zero waste movement is about living without creating any waste. It means changing your lifestyle so that you are no longer relying on single-use items and plastics. Ultimately, the goal is to send nothing to the landfills.

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It may seem impossible, but it’s not. There is a whole global community of people trying to reduce their impact on our planet by cutting down consumption and waste. Many people love travelling, hiking, surfing and all those fun activities. However, travelling to places can be quite polluting and harmful to the environment. It accumulates a lot of waste. Of course, zero waste doesn’t mean zero to travel, because you can do it in a more conscious and responsible way.
Here are our zero waste tips for green, conscious travelling.



No single-use plastics

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Refuse unnecessary single-use plastic items such as bags and straws. This is much easier if you are prepared. Get reusable everything and pack it with you. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on fancy zero-waste items. Just decide which of the items you already own you will be reusing. Or you can also make stuff yourself with some fun DIY projects. If you are wondering how to go waste-free, refusing single-use items is the first step.


Travel lightly

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If you want to be zero waste you often need to come up with multiple uses for the things you own. Travelling light is great because you are more mobile and you carry less stuff around. By travelling with less you pack with intention and multi-purposely.


The Souvenirs

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Don’t buy tacky souvenirs because most of them are not even made locally and they end up collecting dust. Spend your money on experiences, buy local goods and handmade items, this is a much better way to give back to the local economy.


Eating in

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When travelling try to eat in whenever you can. This way you will avoid nasty Styrofoam and single-use plastics. You can still try local cuisine at a nice restaurant or buy produce from a farmers market.


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Zero waste tourism is becoming a real thing because we all want to be able to go back to the beautiful places we love and not find them destroyed. If you agree with this, don’t hesitate to join the growing zero-waste family. And don’t forget to take these zero waste tips with you on your next vacation.


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