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Waste minimization is becoming a global trend. People around the world are finding and sharing new and creative ways to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. Zero waste is a new lifestyle which is taking over the world. At first, it may sound intimidating but it is very needed if we want to keep our planet. Basically, this lifestyle is about producing as little waste as possible. It requires a certain change of habits and better organization in the household but everything starts with little steps.


Woman doing the groceries and using a sustainable bag


If you are wondering how to reduce waste but you are not ready to jump fully into this lifestyle, continue reading. We have prepared 5 very easy swaps that will help you on your journey to zero or low waste.



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These simple lifestyle changes will certainly help you minimize your waste footprint.


1. Biodegradable toothbrush

Biodegradable toothbrush


Most of us use plastic toothbrushes and we change them regularly. This means we throw away quite a lot of plastic. The biodegradable toothbrushes are a beginner zero waste product. They are slowly becoming mainstream. Of course, they are a bit more expensive than the regular toothbrushes, but they don’t cause huge environmental damage, plus you can compost them.


2. Reusable bottle

5 reusable bottles for water put in a line


A reusable glass or stainless steel bottle is a classic sustainable purchase. It is the easiest thing to get and it can even be an accessory if you personalize it. Again, it is more expensive than the plastic water bottle, but at least it is a one-time purchase because you can use it over and over again.


3. Reusable bags

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Forget about the plastic bags. The reusable bags are very accessible and super easy to carry around. The reusable bags have many environmental benefits. Once you get in the habit of using them it becomes a normal thing. Finally, leave some bags in the trunk of your car and fold one into your purse, so you have them at hand.


4. Reusable coffee cup

Woman in a dress holding a reusable coffee mug


Do you love to drink your coffee at a nice café in town? Nothing wrong with that. However, this enjoyable moment has a huge environmental impact. Just think about the cup, lid and straw you use for several minutes before you toss them into the bin. That’s waste. Pick a cool bamboo reusable coffee cup and take it with you. Ask the staff to fill it up for you and you can still enjoy your favourite coffee, without generating waste.


5. Safety Razors

Metal razor put in a heart shaped holder


Disposable safety razors are very bad for the planet. That’s why people are going back to the good old safety razors. They may look a bit scary but they work fine and most importantly you use them for a long time.
If you are wondering how to become zero waste we hope we have given you some good ideas on how to start your journey. Start with these easy swaps and make them part of your daily life. Later on, you can see how you can manage and optimize your kitchen and cosmetics waste so that you can minimize it significantly.


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