The Best of North Europe – Heaven on Earth

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North Europe is a heaven on Earth with so many beautiful destinations to choose from. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration of where to go next, we have some options for you. A northern Europe tour offers seriously exciting experiences and amazing things to see and enjoy minus the crowds of tourists. Scroll down to discover the best places to go in northern Europe.


The Best of North Europe – Finland

North Europe Nature of Finland child in red jacket around next to a fire forest


If you want to get in touch with the essence of northern Europe, Finland should be on your bucket list. It is one of the happiest countries in the world and there is a good reason why. It is also one of the most stable and safe countries in the world with very friendly and nice people.


Nature Finland highway islands in the sea



The country is famous for its densely wooded landscapes and Santa’s village in Lapland. The capital Helsinki is also among the most vibrant northern Europe cities. Plus, the accommodation options here are really cool – from glass igloos to treehouses and eco-huts, the variety is surprising.


The Best of North Europe – Greenland

Greenland beautiful landscapes mountains light blue water hiker


Feeling more adventurous? Greenland is the largest island on the planet and the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Arctic wilderness. A trip to this amazing place will get you close to icebergs, fjords and glaciers as well as lush fields with wildflowers.


Amazing landscape Greenland iceberg rocky cliffs mirror water clouds


If you are interested in Viking history or Inuit culture, Greenland is a great place to learn more and enrich yourself.


The Best of North Europe – Iceland

Iceland Nature waterfall high black rocks formations


Iceland is a dream destination for many travelers and no wonder. It offers so many activities and unbelievable sites like volcanoes, hot springs, strange lava formations, mountain scenery, thundering waterfalls and picturesque seaside villages.


North Europe Iceland Nature woman standing on a rock beautiful view mountain


Here you will find some of the most unbelievable landscapes on Earth.


The Best of North Europe – Scotland

Scotland Nature agriculture sheep mountains fields herds


Scotland charms visitors with rugged landscapes, rich history, and laidback life and of course, exquisite whisky. From islands to beaches, lochs and rivers, Scotland offers beautiful backdrops and exciting adventures.


Amazing Scotland Castle Nature Bridge Lake Hills


Here you can hike, do watersports and taste seafood and there is always the chance to spot wildlife too.


The Best of North Europe – Norway

Norway Nature Landscapes Fjords Snowy Mountains Blue water


Norway is one of the top destinations in north Europe that is attracting more and more people every year. Here you can enjoy culinary experiences, breathtaking views of the famous fjords, hiking trips in the summer or the thrill of chasing the Northern Lights in winter.


Incredible Norway Fjord Ship Cruise Snowy Mountain Tops


North Europe has so much to offer and there are countless places worthy of a spot in a best-of list. Wherever you decide to go, plan your trip well so that you can focus on enjoying the beauty of this amazing part of Europe.


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