Best of Festivals and Events in America You Don’t Want to Miss


Celebrate music, dance, food and wine, culture and art at the best festivals and events in America. They take place in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, combining community, travel and fun in one unique experience. Let’s take a look at the best events in America that should be on your bucket list.


Best Events in America: Essence Festival, New Orleans

Best events in America Essence festival New Orleans decorated building exterior


Forget about all the trade shows in the United States, there is so much more going on. The Essence Festival in New Orleans is the biggest party of the summer and a large gathering of black culture.


Events in America Essence festival crowded event people in a hall



It is an annual event that takes place in July featuring comedy shows, concerts and other performances.


Best events in America: ONE Music Fest, Atlanta

One music festival events in America outdoor stage crowd of people

One Music Fest Events in America Outdoor stage skyscrapers crowd outdoor show


The One Music Fest is another one of the events in America that is highly anticipated. It takes place in Atlanta every year and always impresses with a list of artists and performances. Art lovers can also enjoy exhibits and there is a great food for everyone.


Best events in America: Food & Wine Festival, Hawaii

Food and Wine Festival Hawaii outdoor stage people dining tables on a lane palm trees sunset

best events in America Food and Wine Festival Outdoor setting Palm trees sunset

Nothing can beat a combination of stunning beauty and delicious wine! This festival is much better than a travel expo USA. It features an incredible lineup of chefs and winemakers. Moreover, they are all using fresh, locally sourced foods by fishermen and farmers. The festival showcases local ingredients and has attracted a lot of attention and resources to local agricultural and sustainability programs.


Best events in America: Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Mardi Gras events in America decorated tractor street crowd

best events in America Mardi Gras street festival woman in golden suit street orchestra


Mari Gras refers to the Tuesday before lent which is the highlight of the season. The celebrations include balls, parties and parades. The festivities are a lot of fun and last for about two weeks.


Best events in America: Governors Ball, New York

Governors Ball New York People sitting outside in the sun crowded outdoor space

Governors Ball in New York Outdoor Stage crowd concert summer festival


New York is a scene of many music festivals, but the Governors Ball is probably the most popular among them. The festival offers a mix of electronic music, hip hop, rock and visitors can enjoy some of the world’s biggest acts.


Best events in America: City Limits Festival, Austin

City Limits festival Austin outdoor stage large crowd summer concert


This is an outdoor music festival that takes place in two consecutive weekends. The event attracts more than 70.000 visitors each of the days. Again the music is very mixed from indie to country, hip hop and rock. The performances are nothing less than spectacular, but there is more to that, people can enjoy an art market, great food and kids’ area.


Best events in America: SantaCon, San Francisco

SantaCon San Francisco People in Santa Costumes on stairs


The SantaCon is an annual Christmas event that started in 1994 and spread in 44 countries. According to the organizers, there is no specific reason why this event takes place, people simply want to grab their Santa costumes and have fun on the streets.


SantaCon San Francisco street crowd people in Santa costumes


While many travelers enjoy visiting new places the idea of going to a specific festival is even more exciting. Whether you want to dance in a Santa costume or dive deep into the world of art, these events in America will surely exceed your expectations.


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