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Amazing facts about Christmas

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

Dubrovnik, Croatia Christmas

At the beginning Christmas was not a big celebration. The church is first trying to date the birth in 200 years, when theologians in Alexandria set the day to 20 May To 380 years. The church in Rome is trying to unite the different regions of the date December 25 as a universal feast and then Christmas is celebrated on this day. Then it is celebrated the birth of the sun.


Nativity of Christ

Perhaps you’ve heard of St. Francis – he is the patron saint of Italy, but also the patron saint of animals and he traveled in the Middle East to preach to Muslims. We’ve all seen scenes of the Nativity, which depicts people present for the birth of Jesus. Few people know that in fact St. Francis invented the scene in the 13th century.


Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree

The giving of gifts and cards is not coming from capitalism. Indeed tradition comes from the ancient Romans who exchanged gifts on New Year. At one point, however, the Church forbids customs they eventually transferred to Christmas.

Christmas was banned

pin tree for christmas


In England, Christmas was banned in the 1644g. Puritans argued that the festival led to waste and damage the basic Christian beliefs. All activities associated with Christmas were banned, including gathering of many people in one place.
In Boston festival was also banned from 1659 to 1681. The ban imposed by the Pilgrims was abolished in 1681g. by Governor Sir Edmund Andros, and only in the 19th century celebration of Christmas became a custom in the region.


Myths about Christmas

As often happens with many ancient traditions about Christmas there are various myths. The most famous is that birth is not true, and is based on Mithras – the pagan god of the sun. As evidence of this is telling many aspects of the life of Mithras. According to legend, he was born in the same way as Christ, but actually pagans believe that was born on top of a mountain. Moreover, the shepherds at the birth of Mithra is mentioned only after the story of the Nativity became known worldwide.

Christmas tree

Christmas Tree with Dog and Fireplace

You may have heard how Martin Luther, the famous Protestant, gave the world the Christmas tree. This is actually not true. The first link between the fir trees and Christmas is in the 7th century, when St. Boniface cut down the Oak of Thor, to prove to villagers that their gods are not real. Until the 15th century people already hewn trees and wore it in their homes, where they decorated with fruits, sweets and candles.

Santa Claus

Santa Clause costume

Greybeard is actually based on Saint Nicholas. He was born during the third century in Patara, Turkey and is known that secretly was giving his money to the poor. The modern idea of him as a jolly old man with a red suit probably comes from the poem of 1823. “Visit from St. Nicholas,” also known as “The Night Before Christmas.


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