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8 Facts about Nail Polish

Azature Pink Nail Polish

Check what you know about one of the most popular products used by women – nail polish:

Azature Pink Nail Polish


1. Three thousand years before Christ began to produce of the first “nail polish”, which was a privilege only to high-profile in society. The first “nail” was a mixture of resin, yolk, gelatin and beeswax, as subsequently adding and leaves of rose and orchid.

 The paint in darker shades in ancient Egypt was a sign of wealth and influence. High and middle class used dark colors, while low layered could only wear brighter.

3. The nail polish we know in the modern version was invented by Michel Menard at the beginning of the last century. He was impressed by the fancy colors of the cars and decided to create something similar to nail the ladies. However, the product becomes a hit, thanks to actress Rita Hayworth in the 40s of the 20th century…


Nail Polish Shines in Dark



4. Did you know that most airlines prohibit nail polish on airplanes? Yes, it is forbidden to polish on an airplane.

5. Once you open the bottle of nail polish its expiration begins. The maximum period in which you can enjoy optimum good texture for polishing the product is 1 year. After this period you can safely dispose of varnishes.

6. Have you heard that it is better to store nail polish in the refrigerator. The reason for this strange advice is that the warmth and the light spoil the quality of nails and form those so unpleasant bubbles that women hate so much.

7. Continuous wearing nail polish is not recommended. Nails are still living tissue and dried elbow. This not only affects their color or shape, but also interrupts the flow of oxygen and can cause the occurrence of infection.

8. The most expensive nail polish in the world is Azature. One bottle of it costs 250 thousand dollars and contains 267 carat black diamond.


Azature Black Nail Polish with Diamonds

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