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Tippi Degre – extraordinary life of African girl

Tippi Degre huging a frog

Tippi Degre playing with lion

Tippi Degre playing with elephant

Born in Africa in a family of photographers of wildlife, Tippi Degre had a most unusual childhood. She grew up as Mowgli and creates unusual relationship with many wild animals, including 28-year-old Abu elephant, leopard J & B, small lions, giraffes, ostriches, crocodiles, zebras, leopard, giant frogs and even a snake. “I have no friends here, because there are no other children. So the animals are my friends. “- Are the words of the young child.

Tippi Degre on ostriches

Degra Alan and Sylvia Robert Tippi’s parents are documented her life in Africa and she being close to the wildlife and have made fascinating books and movies. “Tippi of Africa”, published in 1998, tells her story and makes her quite popular.. “She thought like these animals. She believed that animals are as big as her and her friends. Used her imagination to live in these different conditions. “- Explains her mother.

Tippi Degre with leopard2

Tippi Degre with leopard


Tippi Degre with elephant

Ignoring some pretty obvious concerns Tippi had the most incredible childhood. Not many people could say that they have experienced a real adventure riding ostriches, nor that their best friend was African elephant.

Tippi Degre smiling

Tippi Degre with snake

Tippi Degre huging a frog

When Tippi was 10 years old, her parents returned to France. There she began to go to school, where became a local landmark. Unfortunately, her return to civilization is not going in the best way and she needs a lot of time and effort to adapt. Аfter two years she stopped going to school and started home studying. She fails to achieve normal contacts with other children.

Tippi Degre 2

Today Tippi Degre is 24 years old and studied cinematography in Paris. Returning in Africa to shoot six documentaries for Discovery Channel.


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