Summer Bathroom Decor for Modern Homes

sea themed bathroom

Summer 2021 is officially here. Yet, even if we long for a vacation, it is not always possible to set off on a journey. Therefore, we want to share with you 7 bathroom décor ideas that will help you invite the joy of summer into your home.


modern white bathroom with two silver framed mirrors and white furniture


#1. Upgrade Your Bathroom Set

One of the easiest ways to get a sense of summer on a regular basis is to buy a summer bathroom set. For instance, you can get a tropical set consisting of a shower curtain, bathroom pedestal rug, etc. Research shows that viewing scenes of nature increases pleasure and reduces stress. So, in addition to reminding you of summer, such a bathroom set can also help you feel better.


bathroom decor interior flower in a cup decoration white sink brick wall and a mirror



#2. Add Beach-Themed Summer Décor

Other bathroom interior design ideas include adding summer decorations to your bathroom. For example, you can attach a decorative boat steering wheel. Furthermore, nothing reminds us more of summer than starfishes, beach signs, coastal garlands, starfish candles, beach ornaments or urchin-inspired vases.


sea themed bathroom in dark blue color with golden lamps and white furniture


#3. Add Colors

Next, summer is all about aliveness. So, whether you prefer rustic bathroom ideas, boho bathroom décor or vintage bathroom décor, do not forget to add colors. One way to do so includes placing a flower bouquet in your bathroom. If that is not applicable, consider hanging colorful tissue flowers.


bathroom scents aromatherapy in the bathroom on the white sink with plants in the background


#4. Use the Power of Scents

Aromatherapy is known for its positive effects on human health and well-being. If this is so, then why not utilizing the power of smell by adding some pretty scents. Naturally enough, fresh flowers will definitely smell great. Nevertheless, you can also buy aroma soaps and candles.


beach themed decor minty green bathroom with a mirror on the wall next to a window white towels and rope accents


#5. Add the Sounds of Summer

It might not always be possible to add a sound system to your bathroom. However, know that listening to ocean waves or Latin music can also help you feel the summer vibe.


bathroom decor white bathroom with two bamboo trees in front of a large mirror


#6. Get an Indoor Plant

If you have enough space in your bathroom, consider adding greenery. Having a tree or another plant in the corner will bring a sense of aliveness and freshness. So, if you want to bring your bathroom to life this summer, definitely follow this tip.


white and grey linen towels on a dark wooden table with a white candle and a branch in a vase


#7. Use Linen Towels

Bathroom décor includes towels, too. Since summer is all about spaciousness and lightness, we recommend using linen towels. On the one hand, they are able to absorb a lot of water. On the other hand, they are sustainable, fast drying and help you stay cool.


sea themed bathroom decor with a grey mirror and little white shelves with blue bottles and shells


These were our top 7 easy-to-follow bathroom interior design ideas for inviting summer 2021 into your home. No matter if we talk about summer bathroom décor or modern bathroom décor in general, it is helpful to make the most of your space. So, find a balance between striving for minimalism and utilizing very inch of space.


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