How to Turn Your Balcony into the Perfect Summer Oasis


Summer 2021 is officially here, but you are about to spend most of the season in your apartment? If so, you will certainly need a cozy summer oasis you will always want to be. Here are some practical small balcony design ideas that will help you recharge when you stay at home.


cute small urban balcony with living flowers lanterns and a seating area grey tiled floor


#1. Start with the Floor

If you are living in an apartment block, then your condo balcony is probably concrete. Naturally enough, bland and cold floorings are not very inviting. Therefore, we recommend that you provide your home with interlocking deck tiles.


small balcony oasis in the city with living plants tiles on the floor and a small table with chairs



Besides, you can search for affordable outdoor rugs. A rug can bring a bright splash of color. Moreover, it will also add more warmth and comfort to your space.


cute boho balcony with lanterns plants seating area and other accessories


#2. Save Space

Whatever balcony garden ideas you have a look at, you will certainly have to deal with a challenge. Combo balconies are small, so it is necessary to be minimalistic in terms of furniture.


city balcony minimal design with wooden floor beige sofas small wooden table and a nice view


In this regard, it is not surprising that a lot of balcony design ideas suggest installing a wicker egg chair hanging from a steel chain. Not only do swinging seating options save space, but they are also charming and stylish. If you like reading outside, you may consider hanging a hammock, as well.


balcony tropical plants three balconies with many living plants wooden furniture balcony oasis


#3. Add Plants

If you want to turn your balcony into a summer oasis, you will definitely need to add greenery. Whether you go for succulents or you choose to grow vegetables and herbs, plants will bring a sense of aliveness. To save space, your balcony design outside can include wall planters. They add a layer of privacy, as well as a sense of personality.


balcony privacy small balcony with a wooden table and chairs living plants a lantern and an arch


#4. Add Privacy

If you enjoy privacy, then make sure your home balcony design closes off your balcony to onlookers and neighbours. For instance, you can install bamboo panels or outdoor curtains that will make your balcony shady and private.


mosquito net in a small balcony over a chair and a small round table with brick walls around


#5. Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Unfortunately, these bloodsuckers can be very pesky and irritating during summertime. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy your balcony summer oasis without having to suffer from mosquitoes. Repellant candles and patio shields are just two of the solutions you can go for.


balcony lights lanterns and outdoor lights white balcony with black furniture and decorative plants


#6. Light Your Balcony Up

Light plays an important role when it comes to creating comfort and coziness. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully choose your lighting choice. A lot of people prefer string lights. However, this is not the only option for your summer oasis. Another alternative is to have a look at globe floor LED lights, bronze reading lamps, etc.


balcony garden small urban balcony with a view small table with a yellow chair and grass plants


#7. Get Creative

There are simple steps you can take in order to create your summer oasis. In spite of this, it is important to also give yourself space for creativity. In this regard, we encourage you to ask yourself what makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Then, look for easy ways in which you can get as close as possible to your own dream balcony vision.


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