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Benefits of Using Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Bamboo is quickly becoming one of the super plants used for all kinds of new sustainable alternatives. It grows easily and fast, making it a great eco-friendly option for everything from straws to toothbrushes, furniture, sunglasses etc. But bamboo has now entered an entirely new market: that of toilet paper.


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If you are looking for a sustainable toilet paper substitute you should try a roll of bamboo toilet paper.

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Here are the reasons why the bamboo paper is worth checking out.

It is stronger and softer

The natural properties of bamboo make it stronger than paper made from hardwood, but softer and cooler to touch. This makes the bamboo toilet paper convenient to use especially by people with toilet paper irritation or allergic to toilet paper. So, if you take these into consideration you have a washroom product with good quality and great user experience.



bamboo forest


Reduces deforestation

How is toilet paper made? We all know that hardwood turns into paper. Nowadays recycled and organic materials also turn into toilet paper. But trees are still the main ingredient.


bamboo tissues


Trees take a long time to grow and cutting them causes deforestation. Bamboo paper is derived from bamboo which grows much faster. It is a grass which needs very little maintenance. It also produces much more oxygen and absorbs more carbon.


home products made of bamboo


Safer to Use

Recycled tissue is an alternative to toilet paper but it’s made of chemicals and harsh substances. It is not skin-friendly and may cause toilet paper irritation and a number of other problems to people with sensitive skin. Bamboo paper is odour resistant, antibacterial and antifungal, and hypo-allergic. The process of production doesn’t use harmful chemicals.


bamboo toilet paper



Bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable. In fact, it breaks down while flushed down the toilet. It will not block the system because it quickly decomposes in water. Another great plus is that the production process doesn’t leave any byproducts.

toilet paper roll


Are you ready for a toilet paper challenge? Are you looking for the best paper for your bathroom that is affordable, soft and good for the environment? Try bamboo toilet paper and enjoy all these benefits.


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