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Benefits of Using DIY Wax Strips

DIY wax strips

Hair removal is a concern for both men and women. With the effort to reduce single-use plastics and minimize pollution as well as to use more natural and healthy ingredients, many alternative hair removal methods are becoming available. One of them is – the DIY wax strips.


hair removal with DIY wax strips


Waxing is probably the hair removal method with the most long-lasting effect, compared to shaving or threading. Making your own DIY wax strips you will not only enjoy long-lasting results but also save some money instead of paying for expensive procedures at a salon or a SPA.


legs waxing



You can find an easy sugar wax recipe or a DIY leg wax recipe anywhere on the internet, but do you know the benefits of waxing at home? Below we will share some wax and facts as well as some benefits of home waxing.


Regular Vs. Home Waxing

Regular waxing strips are made from tree resins to remove hair. The wax strip is applied to the area, pressed and then pulled off to remove hair. This can be done at a salon or with store-bought waxing strips at home.


woman with hair towel

Home waxing relies on more natural ways to remove hair. For example, sugar waxing has been a popular hair removal method ages ago. It is very easy to make DIY wax strips at home by using lemon, white sugar and water. If you do not have suitable rice paper or other types of paper to make the wax strip, you can use only the sugar paste which is very easy to prepare at home.


wax strips mixture


Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of both regular and home waxing. The store-bought waxing strips contain chemicals, additives and preservatives that may cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation.


candle and scrub mixture

Sugar or honey are natural ingredients. If you make your own sugar paste with lemon juice and water you will give your skin a dose of vitamin C which nourishes the skin and fights bacteria. Lemon juice is a natural exfoliator that removes dead skin. Sugar also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.


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Sugar wax is very easy to remove because it dissolves in warm water. You don’t need any oils or other products to remove it.



woman with short hair


Sugar or honey are also suitable for sensitive skin because it only pulls the hair not the skin. Removing regular waxing strips is more painful because they also pull the skin not only the hair.


sugar waxing


And last but not least the DIY wax strips are much cheaper and low waste. Plus, the results of regular wax strips and homemade ones are almost the same in terms of how long they last.


blond woman


Are you ready for a healthier, cheaper, less painful and equally efficient hair removal? Give it a try and make your own DIY wax strip with minimum ingredients at the comfort of your own home.


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