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Natural Insect Repellents Are the Best

How to keep mosquitoes away

Woman applying natural insects repellent on herself


Insects can be quite annoying, especially during the summer. We use all kinds of commercial insect repellents to keep them away, but these products often contain toxic ingredients which are not good for the bugs, but for us neither. Finding a balance between being environmentally- friendly and bug bite free can be challenging. Still, there are natural oils you can use that will keep the bugs away, will smell good and will not harm the environment.


Mother applying natural repellent against insects on her son's legs


Some of the best insect repellents are made with the following all-natural ingredients. Check them out!



Lavender oil in a bottle and the flower itself


Lavender essential oil or crushed lavender flowers produce a fragrance that mosquitos do not like. It is particularly effective against mosquito hawks and male mosquitos. What is more lavender has great benefits for us because it calms the nervous system down and soothes the skin. Lavender is known for its antiseptic, antifungal and analgesic properties. It is very easy to make a DIY bug spray with lavender just add 5 drops of essential oil into a spray bottle full of water or alcohol.



Spa composition with tea tree oil on white background


This is very popular and effective oil known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. Recent studies show that this oil is also an effective insect repellent. You can use it to make homemade fly spray as it is effective against bush flies, mosquitoes and biting midges.



Peppermint oil in a tube and the leaves next to it


Peppermint oil is ideal for repelling spiders and ants. In fact, it keeps all kinds of pests away including lice, moths, beetles, flies and more. An easy strategy to keep your home clean, smelling great and bug-free is to putting peppermint oil in the locations where you suspect the pests are entering. Peppermint oil can also be used in DIY essential oil bug spray with big success in repelling the bugs.



Powdered cayenne peppers and fresh peppers


Cayenne pepper is another useful deterrent when sprinkled in places where ants and spider gather, like areas near sugar or crumbs. It can get a little messy but try sprinkling the pepper in areas you aren’t using as much, especially those that contain your baking supplies.



Vinegar mosquito spray


Vinegar is a true miracle. Not only does it pickle your veggies and helps you clean stains from your clothes, but it can help prevents ants and other bugs from invading your home. Vinegar is a natural deterrent for ants. Just use it with some water in a spray bottle and you will see results quite quickly.


Woman applying natural insects repellent on herself in the woods


There is already significant research suggesting that natural ingredients are the best way to effectively repel bugs without harming the environment. This is great news for people looking to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals. Especially pregnant women and young children.  Use the ingredients mentioned above to create your own all-natural insect repellents.





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