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How Colors Communicate our Moods – Spring Home Style Advice

spring interior

Spring home style might not be one of your top interests and priorities. However, in the last year we have been through numerous lockdowns and this has raised our awareness of the importance of home décor.


clean white kitchen interior with pop of color yellow tulips and lemons


Certainly, not everyone is keen on DIY spring decorating ideas such as the Decorated Spring 2020 Box. Yet, we can all at least pay attention to the power of colors. Let us explore together how colors communicate our moods, as well as the best colors for different types of rooms.

How Colors Impact Emotions and Behaviors

warm nuances wall paints warm color palettes on the floor



#1. Warm Colors

Warm colors include yellow, orange and red. These colors tend to grab the attention and to make you take action. More specifically, red signals power, strength and ambition. On the one hand, it can act as an appetite stimulant. On the other hand, it can evoke feelings of hostility, irritation and anger.


warm color interior living room with veige and brown elements


Yellow is a bright, optimistic, cheerful color that stimulates mental clarity. This color can help you ease depression and improve your decision making. Nevertheless, too much yellow can create irritability and hyperactivity.


orange in halves and slices on a wooden cutting board


Orange signals warmth invokes feelings of joy and promotes interaction. However, you should not overuse it either, since over-exposure to orange can create frustration, overwhelm and irritation.


cool colors wall paint in different shades of blue


#2. Cool Colors

In comparison to warm colors, cool colors have a calming and soothing effect. However, they can also express sadness. Some of the most popular cool colors include blue, purple and green.


violet flowers cose up with green leaves and white background


Blue can help you balance hyperactivity and ease insomnia. It stimulates the imagination and intuitive thinking. In addition, we can tolerate it in higher amounts than other colors. However, it is important to remember that blue is a cool color. So, over-exposure to blue can invoke feelings of pessimism, apathy or separation from others. Violet and purple promote creativity, artistic ability, intuition, beauty and security. Yet, too much violet may lead to emotion suppression.


spring cool colors pastel interior light living room with pastel cushions


Last, but not least, bring green into your home when you need renewal, peace, balance and refreshment. However, over-exposure to green can promote a lack of initiative and laziness.


spring interior light blue sofa with a golden side table and flowers



What Are the Best Colors for Different Types of Rooms?

The easiest way to take care of your spring home is to choose appropriate colors for each room. When it comes to your bedroom, focus on green, blue and purple. This will help you bring peace and restfulness to space.


beuaitufl tulip wreath with white and pink tulips in different shades


As far as your living room is concerned, you can go for calming, as well as energizing colors. Blue, green and yellow will have a refreshing, cheerful and calm effect. On the other hand, red can help you invoke a feeling of excitement. Do not forget the bathroom, when you plan your DIY spring décor. For your wall colors choose calming colors such as serenity purples, relaxing blues and uplifting yellows.


diy home decor spring with bright colors yellow and pink


Your kitchen and your dining room will be the places where the whole family gathers. Therefore, go for happy and creative colors like yellow and purple. To promote appetite, you can also use red in your dining room. This was our selection of spring home décor ideas. We hope that our spring home style pieces of advice will help you refresh your home this spring.


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