Stunning Summer Balconies that Will Inspire you to Relax

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The more dynamic our lifestyle gets, the more we need opportunities for relaxation. If you have a flat with balcony, then this article is for you. Here are a few ideas for summer balconies that can help you recharge your batteries more easily.


cute small balcony with elegant decor small lanterns plants and a table with two chairs


Home Front Balcony Design

If you want to turn your front balcony into a relaxing oasis, then greenery is a must. This is particularly relevant for people who live in higher buildings, far away from the ground. Transform your balcony into a garden by placing plants in planters on your walls. Also, consider adding a small table and some seating, such as poufs and pillows.


woman with dark hair and glasses standing at a wooden balcony bar pouring drinks



Next, you can design a balcony bar. This will be very convenient because you will have easy access to your favorite relaxing drinks. Another suggestion includes hanging a chair or a hammock. You could spend hours in this laid-back relaxing vibe even when you are not on vacation.


romantic balconies with a lot of plants and summer decorations


Side Balcony Design

If you only have a small side balcony, do not worry. The following ideas can help you enjoy a romantic balcony  even when space is limited.


front balcony with rattan furniture hanging lights and green plants


The first recommendation is all about thinking portable. For instance, place two poufs and an accent tray. In this way, you will be able to relax outside and then put back indoors whenever you need more room.


modern balcony decor overlooking a city in black and white color scheme


Furthermore, a built-in searing can help you maximize your space and still feel as though you have a luxury balcony. On top of that, do not forget about the power of light . Dazzling up your balcony is one of the easiest ways to jazz up the space and make it appear bigger.


beautiful balcony ideas small balcony with yellow metal furniture and green plants


Other Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Relaxing Summer Balconies

No matter how big your balcony is, you can follow these tips to make it cozier and more relaxing during the summer.
First, pay attention to colors. Choose soft colors, such as green and blue to help your body experience stress relief and rejuvenation.
Second, make sure your furniture is comfortable. Whatever type of seating you choose, it needs to be cozy. Comfort plays an important role in allowing your body to relax.


balcony design urban balcony with wooden furniture in blue


Third, you will not be able to relax unless you feel private. Most of us feel tense when we are being watched. So, make sure you add some privacy to your balcony design.


romantic balcony in neutral soft colors with ambient lights lanterns and blooming flowers


One of the ways to do so is to use a decorative privacy screen. Besides, it is common to place potted trees or bushes. Last, but not least, you can install bamboo blinds so that you can choose how much privacy you want at any given point.


luxury balcony design with black and purple furniture and plants


To sum up, relaxing summer balconies are mission possible regardless of space. We encourage you to use the ideas above and turn your home into a relaxing oasis this summer


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