Kitchen Lights That You Will Absolutely Adore

Beautiful Kitchen chandelier ideas

Kitchen lights are extremely important and sometimes hard to choose. They need to be practical, to light your workspace well, but also to look good.

There are different types of lights that fit into a kitchen depending on the areas it is divided into. So, it can include a chandelier over the dining table, spotlights over the kitchen island and lights under the cabinets.


practical kitchen light with hooks for hanging pans modern lighting solutions


We made a selection of the trendiest, most practical and good looking kitchen lights to make your choice easier. We hope these will inspire you to light your kitchen in the best possible way.



Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen cabinet lighting bar lights in an all-white kitchen


If you have cabinets over the counters, you can add extra lighting with the help of some cabinet lighting. The LED lights will allow you to illuminate the counters with extra light so you can see better while cooking.


Kitchen cabinet lighting ideas top shelves cabinet lights

Modern minimal metal kitchen cabinet lights in a small white kitchen

The under-counter strip lights are a good option if you are looking for something brighter. Omlopp lights (ikea model) are a great choice too. Usually, the under cabinet lights are thin and you barely see them but they make a big difference in terms of lighting. These lights are a must-have if you want a visible, bright kitchen countertop.


Island Lighting


Modern sleek black pendant lights in a minimal contemporary kitchen with black accents


Pendant lights are great to hang over the kitchen island. A 3-light pendant fixture is a versatile option that helps you light up one part of the space.


Three pendant lights over kitchen island in white traditional style kitchen interior


copper metal pendant kitchen lights over a grey kitchen island


classic pendant lights lanterns chandelier classy kitchen interior


Kitchen island sleek modern industrial chandelier with electric candles


Depending on your home décor you can pick from different finishes. It’s best to choose light fixtures with hanging pendants that can be adjusted. However, these lights are not a good choice for sloped ceilings.


Led Backsplash Lighting


Green led backsplash in a modern white kitchen


Now, this is one of the newest and coolest ways to add light to your kitchen. A LED backsplash is very attractive because it adds variety and interest to the kitchen space.


LED lights in a modern kitchen blue floor lighting


Kitchen Led Backsplash Lighting idea modern kitchen interior with metal elements


It is practical and looks stunning. The backsplash lighting can be customized and there are many options to make it even cooler like having it animated for example.


Stove Hood LightKitchen stove lighting in a light wooden kitchen

The stove hood lights are a smart way to make your cooking area much more visible. The lights are usually small, compact and bright.


Stove hood lighting bright spot lights brick backsplash wall


Modern metal stove with delicate lights


They are adjustable and can light up a certain area of the stove space. These stove hood lights are very functional and also make the kitchen look lighter.


Dining in style


classic luxury crystal kitchen chandeliers in a white traditional style elegant kitchen


Large modern abstract metal kitchen chandelier


If you want to add elegance and class to your dining space hang a chandelier. Depending on the style of your kitchen it can be modern, vintage or completely abstract and futuristic. A dramatic lighting fixture over the dining table is a great way to create a focal point.


Sleek modern metallic gold kitchen chandelier in a minimalist kitchen interior


Choosing kitchen lights can be a challenging task. It’s a good idea to plan it out beforehand and decide what parts of your kitchen need most light – the stove area, countertops, backsplash, island, dining table etc. We hope these ideas will help you make up your mind easier and faster.


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