Sri Lanka – The Land of Jewels

Elder person holding a jewelry from Sri Lanka

View of a great Sri Lanka nature through a train window


Timeless ruins, friendly people, endless beaches, elephants, low prices, famous tea and delicious food. All this makes Sri Lanka undoubtedly irresistible.


Ruins next to the sea


The island nation of Sri Lanka was once called the “island of gems” because of the wide variety of jewels found in its soil. The tropical country is most famous for its gorgeous ruby, sapphire, garnet, zircon, topaz, tourmaline, moonstone and more.  These precious stones are can be seen on the crown jewels of European and Chinese royalty.



Elder person holding a jewel from Sri Lanka


Let’s see why this land is so special and why it is becoming more and more popular among travellers.


Where is Sri Lanka Located?

The capital of Sri Lanka during night


Many people wonder is Sri Lanka country? We have recently seen a lot of the Sri Lanka news. Still, not many people know that this is actually a country. Actually, a beautiful one with a rich history and gorgeous nature. Sri Lanka country is located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean. It is an island nation. The capital is, which is a suburb of the largest city, Colombo.


The Undiscovered Gem

Sri Lanka Stone surrounded with forest


Sri Lanka Asia has been an undiscovered gem for a very long time. However, things are starting to change. The country is moving forward quickly and as a result more and more people start discovering its charms. Its culture, history and natural beauty are like a magnet for travellers and adventurers.


Little and Accessible

Elephants walking around and tourists in a car behind


It is surprising that a relatively small island has so much to offer. Not many places in the world have as many Unesco World Heritage Sites packed in such a small area. Sri Lanka has eight of these. Its rich history and culture can be seen in ancient sites with legendary temples, colonial fortresses and more. The natural life on the island is fascinating; for example, you can easily bump into an elephant. Safari tours across the national parks offer great opportunities to see leopards. There are also all kinds of birds, primates and water buffaloes. One of the best sights is of huge groups of elephants gathering in the afternoon at Minneriya National Park. Distances are short and there is a lot to see.


Beaches & Rainforests

Relaxing beach in Sri Lanka


If you want to escape the tropical coastal climate, go to the hills to discover their green charms. The verdant tea plantations and peaks covered in rainforests are certainly beautiful. You can see them from up close, but you can also admire them from a spectacular train ride. And of course, the beaches! These dazzling, white beaches ring the island. So no matter where you decide to go you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous beach. These spots are perfect for divers and surfers.


Ancient ruins of a city surrounded with nature


In this country, you are always just a step away from something new. Sri Lanka is affordable, spectacular and still often uncrowded. Now is the best time to explore this beautiful gem of Asia.




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