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Special Face Massage for Healthy Skin

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We all know the benefits of body massages: flexibility, relief from pain, relaxation, etc. Interestingly enough, however, more and more experts in the beauty and skincare industry praise the benefits of face massage. So, let us explore together how facial massages can help your skin and why they are a skincare must.


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What Is Face Massage

Before we have a look at the benefits of facial massages, let us first clarify what they are. Massaging your face includes stimulating pressure points on the face, as well as neck and shoulders. You can do this type of treatment on your own or with a practitioner. In addition, there are different tools you can use (i.e., balms, face rollers, oils, lotions etc.).


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Top Benefits Of Face Massage

Now that we know what face massage is, let us have a look at its benefits. First, face massage helps you relax your facial muscles. A lot of us hold a lot of tension in our faces when we are tired, concentrated and under stress. Unfortunately, over time this can cause wrinkles in the forehead and eye area. А short daily face lifting massage helps tone facial muscles and relieve unnecessary tension.


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In addition to improving the overall appearance of the skin, face massage also releases toxins and boosts blood circulation. This can reduce the appearance of acne. Third, face massage improves product absorption. So, whenever you want your moisture/serum to absorb in your skin, massage your face with your fingers in upward, lifting motions.


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Last, but not least, face massage is a great way of releasing emotional tension. Thanks to its relaxing and rejuvenating effect, it will help you both feel and look better.


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Different Types Of Face Massage

There are various face massage techniques you can try out. If you are looking for a weapon against dull, puffy skin, do lymphatic drainage face and neck. For instance, you can use a jade massager (a.k.a. jade roller). Jade has calming effects, so it is a perfect treatment for irritated skin conditions. Besides, it helps raise the immunity of the skin, improves skin elasticity and limits wrinkles.


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Korean, Japanese and Chinese women also suggest different versions of Asian facial massage. For instance, they claim that you do not always need expensive cosmetics to have glowing skin. According to some tutorials, your massage routine can even be as simple as using a spoon.


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If you do not like DIY face massage, you can also choose from multiple spa facial and massage options. Yes, treating yourself to a luxurious massage with a qualified practitioner can cost a lot. However, if it helps you feel and look better than it might be worth the money.


woman holding her face with closed eyes dreaming


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why face massage is self-and skincare must. So, give it a try whenever you want to relax your body and mind, as well as enhance your beauty routine.


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