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Spring Juicing Challenge

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Spring is almost upon us, so it’s time to lighten up our diet and help our body detox. Doing juicing for health is a great way to kick start the season. One of the best ways to encourage the cleansing process is to have fresh-pressed juices every day. They give a huge nutritional boost to the body providing vitamins and minerals quickly and easily.


woman in striped dress holding a jar with green juice and celery sticking from it


We are inviting you to a juicing challenge that will cleanse your body and brighten your mood. You can choose to juice for just one day or stretch this challenge to 30 days; it’s entirely up to you. One important thing to remember with juices is that you don’t want to include more than one piece of fruit or juice too much. Get your juice bar ready and let’s start juicing!


woman in short sleeve blouse drinking orange juice from a glass with a straw



We will share with you five of our favorite recipes that you can use for this juicing challenge. They are very easy and quick to make, and you can switch the ingredients and get creative with the combinations.


healthy juices green juices in jars with straws and lemon slices in front of a cutting board with different fruits and spinach


Detox Green Juice

2 Unpeeled cucumbers
1 Unpeeled green apple
1 Handful parsley or mint
Citrus juice of choice
Celery stalks

Get green juice by putting all ingredients in the juicer. This is a great liver cleanse juice that will refresh you instantly.


spring juicing challenge a plate with fruits on in a kitchen with a juicer in the background


Tropical Juice

100 ml. Coconut water
2 handfuls of spinach
1 Pear
1/2 Lemon

Juice the pears and spinach and mix them with coconut water, add the juice of half a lemon and refresh yourself with this delicious juice.


vegetable juice woman pouring red juice from a jug to a glass over a table


Beet and Carrot Juice

1 Apple
2 Beets
3 large carrots
1 small piece of ginger
Juice these veggies together and enjoy a powerful a slightly spicy vitamin boost.
Pineapple Refresher
1 small orange range
1/8 small, peeled ripe pineapple
2 carrots
½ lemon
2 leaves of mint

Put the carrots and pineapple in the juicer and stir in the orange and lemon juice at the end. Add some mint for additional freshness.


pomegranate juice in a glass with broken pomegranates around


Pomegranate Delight

1 cup pomegranate seeds
2 cups blueberries
Sparkling water
1 little piece of lemon

Put the pomegranate seeds and blueberries in the juicer. Pour some sparkling water in the juice and squeeze the piece of lemon at the end.


two jars with straws and green vegetable juice with black sesame hearts


We hope we have inspired you for this spring juicing challenge. You can use these recipes for your detox program or if you want to keep the fibre in, you can make smoothies instead of juice. Juicing will clean your internal organs and you will feel the effect immediately. Some of the effects of juicing are visible on your skin, which clears and gets a healthy glow, also on your mood, productivity and overall health. The results will motivate you, even more, to enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle for the rest of the year.


spring juicing challenge three hands cheering with jars of green juice with straws


Even when this juicing challenge comes to an end you will probably still like to enjoy your favorite juices daily. They are your dose of vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and strong for the rest of the year. Plus, these juices can quickly turn into refreshing summer drinks.


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