How to Create Your Own Family Orchard

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Do you dream about creating your own family orchard, but do not know where to start? If so, then this article is for you. Let us explore together key factors that come into play when it comes to bringing this dream into reality.


Apple tree in the fall with colorful leaves and red apples


What Are the Benefits of Creating an Orchard?

There are multiple reasons for creating a family orchard. First, who wouldn’t like to provide their family with organic vegetables and fruits that are healthy? Hardly anyone, right?


apple garden with many apples trees fallen on the ground



Second, family apple picking can be a very enjoyable outdoor family experience during the summer.


family orchard picnic family of four sitting on the ground under the apple trees


Third, growing your own pears, apples or peaches might help you contribute to sustainability by buying less and less produce from grocery stores. Besides, people sometimes purchase and start family orchards in order to grow and sell fruits. In some cases, the business of producing and selling apples can be an exciting undertaking.


apple trees with red apples on the branches on a sunny day


All in all, before you invest effort, time and resources in your own family orchard, get clear about your WHY. This will help you make the right decisions later on.


watering the trees in an orchard with an irrigation system


When Is the Time to Plan Your Home Orchard Layout?

Once you know why you want to create a family orchard, think about the right timing. A lot of fruit trees growers choose to plant in the spring. If you choose to follow their example, make sure you do all the preparatory work before the onset of spring.


beautiful open orchard with many trees in rows and a white house


Does It Matter How Much Space You Have Available?

Yes and No. On the one hand, there is no fixed minimum for how many fruit trees constitute a family orchard. On the other hand, you definitely need to take into consideration what space you have available. This is necessary so that you choose whether you will plant dwarf, semi-dwarf or full-sized trees.


apple fruit orchard with many trees in a row and apples on them


You might find it helpful to start with an orchard layout drawing. This can be useful because people oftentimes underestimate the space that a full-grown sapling will need in the future. Experts in the field recommend that you leave 18 feet between (semi-)dwarf trees and 30 feet between full-sized trees.


family orchard mother with her toddler running along the apple trees


While it is important to think creatively, do not forget to consider weather conditions. Choose an area where there is full sun, as well as good drainage.


family orchard with green lawn and two cows grazing


Which Variety of Fruit Tree Should You Grow?

Depending on what you hope to get from your trees, you can choose from different varieties. A lot of parents like kid-friendly apple orchards. Cherries, peaches and plums can also be great options for fresh eating, canning and cooking.


wide green pathway of apple trees in an orchard


Naturally enough, look for trees that are well suited for your conditions and that you can take proper care of. After all, organic growth requires building healthy soil and this is not an automatic process.

family picking apples in a large orchard with apple trees


To sum up, creating a family orchard requires effort, dedication and resources. Yet, even if do not have a lot of space available, you can still find a small orchard layout design and bring your idea to life.


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