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Easy Spring Detox Blueprint




Spring fatigue is something we are all very familiar with. The feeling of being sleepy, exhausted and lethargic most of the time has a lot to do with the transition from one season to another. Our organism has to adjust to the warmer temperature and changes in the climate. We also need to get moving after having been quite limited during the cold months. However, one of the most important things is to flush toxins from body, which have accumulated during the winter. This detoxification will help us cope much better with all the changes and will give us the necessary energy boost, plus it will support our immune system.




During the winter, deprived of sunlight, vitamins, fresh nutrients and long walks, the body starts to hibernate. Doing a light detox is the best way to start the new season energized and healthy.
A detox shouldn’t be a challenge for your body, but a pampering cleanse. It is not a diet or a strict regimen; you can just include more juices and eliminate foods with lots of sugars and fibers for some time. Here are some easy changes you can incorporate in your diet and lifestyle to eliminate toxins in body and start the new season healthy and enerhized.



Start your day right



Start your day with a glass of warm water and lemon. You can also add ginger or chia seeds if you like. This is a great metabolism booster. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and it is also an option, but don’t overdo it because it contains some caffeine.


Adjust your diet to the new season



Replace the heavy winter food with fresh greens. They are loaded with enzymes, minerals and enzymes. Use them in smoothies, salads and soups. Eating fresh foods is also the best colon therapy you can do. These vegetables are alkalizing and full of chlorophyll which helps the cells get the oxygen and enzymes they’ve been missing all winter.




Add a lot of stews, soups, salads and stir-fries into your spring diet. Include broccoli, celery and beetroot as they are ideal for detoxification. These are perfect for a homemade colon cleanse. Reduce the amount of salt and seasoning you use for better results.




Don’t eat late. Let your body do its work before going to sleep.


Stay Hydrated



Drink A LOT of liquids without caffeine and alcohol. Hydrate your body and help it detoxify and flush your digestive system and kidneys. Eight glasses of still water are the recommended daily intake. Warm water is better than cold, add some lemon to make it more tasty.


Get Good Rest



Sleep until you feel rested even if this means having a short afternoon break or nap. Be gentle on yourself and listen to your body.


Move, move, move



Go outside and soak some sun, your body needs the vitamin D which helps stabilize mineral levels and boosts your mood. Introduce gentle exercises in your daily routine, yoga or pilates are great. Exercising stimulates the lympthatic system. Massages and sauna are also great additions to your detox routine.


Mind & Beauty



Detox baths with Epsom salt, essential oils or clay are an excellent way to flush toxins from body and calm your mind. Don’t forget to take care for your mind with meditation or a gratitude journal.




We hope this easy blueprint will help you stay healthy and positive during the new season. Now it’s a great time to pamper yourself with everything fresh Spring has to offer. Don’t let the spring fatigue spoil your mood. Instead welcome the coming sunny and joyful days full of energy and positivity.


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by Betty Stefanova


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