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Easy and Effective Tips to Deal with Spring Fatigue




Many people have heard of fatigue during pregnancy, but this condition with similar symptoms affects most of us in spring. In the time when flowers are blossoming, the nature is rejuvenating; people are feeling lazier and lethargic.




According to experts the lethargy causes are associated with the longer days, which affect our hormonal cycles and biorhythms. Headache nausea fatigue are the common complaints. However, other signs of fatigue may include loss of appetite, dizziness, lack of concentration, sleepiness and general mental fatigue.





Here comes the question what is fatigue? Is it a disease? The good news is that spring fatigue is not a disease and it can be avoided with some exercise, good diet and a few simple changes in the lifestyle.




However, if the symptoms persist more than 3 weeks, a visit to the doctor is recommended as fatigue can be a sign for other diseases like anemia and hepatitis. Let’s see what we can do to deal with spring fatigue which will make life much easier.




Having a good sleep and getting rest can relieve the symptoms of headache and fatigue. If one feels lazy and exhausted it’s better to take a short nap rather than trying to stay awake. The nap should not be longer than 30 minutes as this is going to interfere with your sleep at night.





Drink a lot of water and make sure you stay hydrated. Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol which dehydrate the body additionally.




On top of that drinking coffee stresses out the body as it is used to override sleepiness.




Breathe deeply and fill your body with oxygen. Open the windows and make sure there is enough air coming in the room.




Make sure you have enough air in your working place during the day.




Add some simple exercises to your morning or evening routine. Do some walking, stretching or yoga which help loosen up the muscles. This will make you sleep better through the night and you will be refreshed during the daytime.





Add a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to your diet, they are loaded with vitamins and will boost your energy.






Do not skip breakfast because it supplies your brain with nutrients for the daytime, plus it prevents you from eating a lot during the day. Do not let spring fatigue ruin your plans. Just follow these easy steps and you will be able to enjoy every day feeling fresh and full of energy.


by Betty Stefanova


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