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Best Teeth Whitening Beauty Tips




Professional teeth whitening procedures can be quite expensive, so before booking one first read what you can do yourself to have white teeth and beautiful smile. In many cases, a few healthy habits can go a long way to keep your teeth shiny and white.




We have some easy teeth whitening tips which you can add to your dental routine. They will help you keep your oral hygiene and maintain a healthy and bright smile.



1. The White Teeth Diet



What we eat directly affects our teeth. So, if you are smoking, drinking red wine or you are a fan of black tea, expect that your teeth are going to get stained. Other things that affect the health of your teeth in a big way are Cola and dark juices. Being conscious about tooth-staining foods and drinks is the very first step to a white smile. Make sure there is a toothbrush or your own teeth whitening kit around when you are having these.


2. Time to Brush



How long do you actually brush your teeth? It takes two to three minutes to fully clean your teeth properly, flushing all the plaque and bacteria from them. Set the timer on your phone or check your watch to make sure you are brushing for minimum two minutes.


3. Holding the Toothbrush




Many people make their toothbrush look like they have cleaned the floor with it. That’s because they are probably brushing too hard and using force is not the best way to clean your teeth. To wash your teeth and gums properly hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and gently brush with a circular motion. If you hold the toothbrush in this way you wouldn’t be able to brush too hard.


4. A Cup of Tea



Some ingredients in the tea prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the teeth and also keep a certain type of sugar down which saves your teeth from cavities.




Tea is also full of flavonoids and fluoride which are good for your smile. Stick to herbal and fruity teas and avoid black tea.


5. Replace the Toothbrush Regularly




Make sure you get a new toothbrush every two months or even sooner, if you see it is needed. Otherwise, you are helping bacteria transfer to your mouth which can cause various infections.


6. Pick the Mouthwash Carefully



Choose an everyday mouthwash which contains as little alcohol as possible. Alcohol can dry out the tissue in your mouth and make them more vulnerable to bacteria. To be safe pick a delicate mouthwash without alcohol or use natural ingredients like coconut oil.


Teeth bleaching has become an obsession for many, but it is only one part of the general oral hygiene we need to take care of. Teeth whitening at home is easy when you have a proper dental routine in place. We hope our teeth whitening tips will become part of your everyday habits to help you smile with confidence.



by Betty Stefanova


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