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Are There People with Superhuman Powers?

Superpowers in every human

Man with superhuman powers floating in air


Superheroes are everywhere: on the big screen, in games, books and in the form of toys. These heroes seem fictional beings with superhuman powers. Is it possible that there are real life superhumans like the ones we see in the movies? Scientists are working hard to make everything possible through technology, but maybe we already have powers we haven’t realized.


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Often as a joke, we say that moms have superhuman powers in real life because they can do many things at the same time, but actually there are real superpowers within every human being. Rather than having humans with superhuman abilities we have superhuman abilities in every human. It is very rare that these powers are discovered and unleashed, but they do exist and can be used for great things.



Woman with superwoman shadow on a wall


Although human beings have prejudices and fears, we are the most developed and cooperative species on the planet. There are so many amazing things in us and here are some examples of our inborn superpowers that we don’t even realize.


Our body is inhabited by trillions of creatures

close up human face with freckles


If you think you are just a human, you are wrong. You are a universe inhabited by trillions of creatures that live in every crack and crevice of your body. They are all part of you and contribute to who you are.


We are better runners than most animals

women in sportswear running


Although we are not the strongest and fastest runners we are the best endurance runners on the planet. We can run fast and far under all conditions. Yes, that includes you too!


We have learned to cope with fear

Man on high rock looking down


Evolution has left us with a fear factory in our brains. But we can train them in different ways so that we don’t panic in certain situations and can evaluate risks and make decisions.


We can take control of our lives

Woman conquering fear bungee jumping


We are influenced by many factors like family, friends, and society. But we can decide to take control and turn our goals into habits. This is one of the easiest ways to take back control of your life and fine-tune it.


We are physics genius inside our brains

Man with helmet on his head full of wires and diodes


Without even realizing it we perform complex real-time calculations and predict the future every day. No species can predict things the way we do on a daily basis. We can even read our thoughts and minds, and know what the other person may say before they’ve said it.


         The Future of Superhuman Powers

Three women friends walking hugged


So, you don’t need to know how to do superhuman teleportation in order to harness your inborn superpowers. You are a miracle just as you are right now!

How do you think technology will change our future and will it give us even more superhuman powers?


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