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Top 10 Technologies From the Future

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Two decades is a long time on a large scale, but will definitely be enough to see the emergence of some outstanding technological innovation. Here are 10 amazing futuristic technologies that we have in 2030.

Personal Assistant with artificial intelligence mobile smartphones in future

Personal Assistant with artificial intelligence


SIRI is an Intelligent Assistant, developed by Apple for its iPhone. It can meet certain voice commands and use the Internet. But that’s nothing compared to what we have in 20 years.

We can expect the personal assistants to fully understand our language and are available 24 hours a day. They will possess outstanding intelligence and we can talk with them. It will know everything about us – our behaviour, what we like, what we don’t like, how we react in certain situations, etc. will be our kind of virtual clones. Will write emails instead of us, will retain our appointments, will perform mental tasks and will provide for our needs.

Computers are everywhere, but we're not going to see them, computers in future

Computers are everywhere, but we’re not going to see them



Today we have computers in our  cars, phones, toys and even in refrigerators. But however they are quite obvious. Often you need to use touch screen or to use keyboards to introduce information in them.

These devices, however, are becoming smaller. Soon they are literally everywhere, but completely invisible – merging with our surroundings. The computers will be in clothing, fashion accessories and even in the lens of the eye. To use them you can use our language. More than that, they will have the intelligence to carry out certain tasks autonomously.

Virtual animals in virtual minds, digital minds


Virtual animals in virtual minds


Emulatorite of the human brain are still quite far away and will probably have to wait significantly more for them. But looking at them, we’re emulating the brains of much simpler organisms. Today we already have the OpenWorm project, which aims to digitize the brain of round worm.

Over the next two decades without a doubt we’re emulating to the brains of other organisms such as ants and bees. Gradually you will probably move to the simpler mammals such as mice.

The first large scale geo-engineered mega project, clouds, storm, green grass


The first large scale geo-engineered mega project


The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore – the ice caps are melting, wildfires destroy forests, and temperatures are unprecedented high. It is inevitable in the near future to start work on geo engineer projects.

Recently  25 scientists announced, that the time has come to work on such projects, in order to reverse the effects of carbon emissions. Their decision is a whitening the clouds – saturation of marine clouds with divinely superfluous tiny particles. Are now ready to do so, but they need international support to make it legal. Other similar projects are artificial trees, the oceans, and even control the weather.

Interplanetary Internet, mars, cosmos, open space, galaxy, men on mars


Interplanetary Internet


Whether it’s thanks to a private company or of any Government, the man will land on Mars in 20 years. At least we hope that happens. But no matter who and when first set foot there, one of the first things to do, is to build an Internet connection with the Earth.

Woman with photo of elderly woman's eyes on hers' , young and old woman


Reversal of aging


There are a whole bunch of products on the market that claim to “stop aging”, but each one of them is either simple cosmetics, or fraud. Yet there is nothing that can slow or reverse the process of aging.

However, this will soon change. Can be done in the form of genetic intervention, might be as a pill.

Autonomous robots with permission to kill, robot assassin, future technologies


Autonomous robots with permission to kill


Autonomous killing machines are kind of scary, but also inevitable. We already have a somewhat autonomous weapons systems, including cruise missiles. Warships have an autonomous system that uses computers and radar to detect and destroy enemy targets.

Despite the calling to stop the development of robot soldiers to kill without human intervention, the military leaders will not hesitate to use the robot, if it can save lives. Moreover, these machines will have better physical and cognitive abilities of people.

Growing organs in the lab, future technologies, 3D organs grown at home, future technologies


Growing organs in the lab


The biotechnology revolution has begun and already have results. Personalized medicine will appear soon and doctors will be able to give medicines designed specifically for our genetic characteristics. Biologists are already pretty close to the creation of different tissues from our own stem cells. This will allow us to begin to grow organs including hearts – won’t need donors and there will be no chance of rejection of the organ.

Private production in every home, 3D printing, laboratory

Private production in every home


Maybe not in every home, but it will definitely be something as common as today’s DVD players and ordinary printers. There is little doubt that 3D printers will change the world.

The ability to produce their own products in their homes would require a change in the traditional models of production. Initially you will have to pay for the specifications and models of these products but thanks to enthusiasts, dealing with open source, many of these products will be shared for free.

The oceans will satisfy the global thirst, salty water of oceans, future technologies


The oceans will satisfy the global thirst


Thanks to advances in solar energy, will be developed affordable photovoltaic cells, which will build a massive solar stations, using the residual heat to extract salt from sea/ocean water. Experts predict that the shortage of drinking water will start to decline from 2020 onwards.



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