A Complete Guide to the Perfect Relaxation Spot in your Garden

relaxation chair

You are wondering how to better recharge your batteries and raise your mood this summer? If so, then this article is for you. Keep reading to learn how you can create the perfect relaxation spot in your garden in just a few simple steps.


garden chill corner in a garden with living plants in different planters and a beautiful designer chair


Step #1. Choose a Garden Design that Suits Your Personality

In order to create the perfect place to unwind, you need to start with choosing the right design. Identify a theme that helps you relax in the garden. If you like classic designs, then go for an idyllic country garden filled with traditional garden furniture and big green hedges.


swing bench in a green garden with bushes and trees on both sides



Naturally enough, you can also create a modern relaxation spot that follows the Nordic style (soft furniture, natural colours, simple lines, etc.)


green hammock in a garden woman with a book on her face relaxing


Step #2. Create Your Own Outdoor Private Retreat

What comes to mind when you first hear “garden relax”? Most people immediately think about an outdoor nook that is away from neighbours or play areas. If that applies to you, then pick a remote spot, surround yourself with fences or tall plants and enjoy.


yard with a pool and panoramic view wooden gazebo around the pool


Step #3. Add Soothing Sounds

Garden décor and accessories can be very helpful when you want to escape the noise of urban life. For instance, you can buy a water feature, bamboo chimes or a wireless parasol speaker. This will allow you to fill your perfect relaxation spot with natural sounds


cute garden spot with a table chair and a bench with flowers all around


Step #4. Fill Your Garden with Natural Fragrances

It is no secret that aromatherapy can be a ticket to a happier life. If that is the case, then why not planting sweet-scented flowers such as lavender, sweet peas or gardenia in your garden? On the one hand, this will add fragrance. On the other hand, you can also use gardening as a way of reducing stress.


afternoon tea garden relaxation spot with benches and a coffee table surrounded by trees


Step #5. Choose Appropriate and Cozy Outdoor Furniture

Cushions and a family corner sofa can be amazing additions to your outdoor areas. In addition, look for a coffee or side table that can make your patio feel even cozier.


modern garden relax area with a light sofa bamboo and other greenery


If you want to create the perfect relaxation spot for you and your family, also hang hammock or rattan chairs with pillows.


pretty garden with bright yellow furniture on a wooden deck with a lot of living green plants around


Other Ideas

Certainly, there are plenty of other ideas for garden relaxation. First, you can build a backyard hot tub and indulge in a soothing soak. Second, a lovely stone fireplace can be a lovely place to gather together with friends and family after the sunsets. On top of that, you can create your own oasis by installing a life-size chessboard in the ground, an outdoor spa station, or a Zen gazebo.


woman meditating outdoors in the garden surrounded by trees and plants


Nevertheless, creating the perfect place to unwind does not necessarily require a lot of space and resources. So, start with what you have, as well as what you can easily get access to. And do not forget to add personal touches to your garden. This is what will turn it into your perfect relaxation spot.


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