Japandi Style and How to Introduce it at Home

japandi interior design

Japandi Style is considered to be the most harmonious trend yet. Keep reading to learn more about this interior design style, as well as how you can incorporate it into your home.


the japandi style examples simple minimalist home interior decor


What Is Japandi Interior Style?

Japandi interior design is all about blending nature with simplicity. It brings the best from Japan and Scandinavia. The Japanese style is famous for its elegant and calming minimalism. On the other hand, the Scandinavian style is all about simplicity. It includes uncluttered décor, as well as clear lines of architecture.
There are a few key elements of Japandi home design. First, it has a minimalist layout.


japandi home stylish minimalist living space with a black heater and wooden elements in natural colors



This means that a Japandi home is never cluttered. Second, there are only functional accessories and pieces of furniture. Third, the Japandi interior focuses on using natural materials, as well as a combination of contrasting colors.


simple japandi style dining space with natural materials two lighting fixtures and dark furniture


How to Incorporate Interior Design Japandi into Your Home

minimal living japandi living room in creamy light colors white and beige


Step #1. Declutter

As we already mentioned, the Japandi interior design focuses on minimalism as a lifestyle. We live in hectic times and we need sanctuary-like spaces to retreat to. Simplicity, craftsmanship and functionality are important for being able to truly relax. So, start with making sure that each piece in your space has a meaningful purpose.


the Japandi style home modern space with pink dining chairs glass lighting fixtures


Step #2. Make Sure You Allow Access to Natural Light

The second step is all about creating open plan areas so there is a lot of light, as well as a feeling of calm and spaciousness. This is easily achievable if you buy low furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, beds, etc.


sleek living room with white couch and golden coffee table

Although low furniture can add a sense of authenticity and excitement, do not fill your space with too many pieces. So, always prioritize quantity over quality and choose multi-functional accessories.


japandi bedroom design sleek natural color white and gray modern design


Step #3. Stick with Clear Lines, Neutral Color Palette and Natural Materials

Clear lines are an important characteristic of Japandi home design. Therefore, choose curvilinear, dramatic or rectilinear lines. In addition, fuse neutral warm colors (such as creams, oatmeals, beiges, etc.) with darker Japanese style raw materials and timbers. This will create a sense of cohesion and tranquillity.


japandi outdoor dining area with a wooden chair and table simple red carpet and dark walls


Last, but not least, merge the lines between outdoor and indoor by using sustainable materials. These include marble, iron, leather, bamboo, wood, rattan, paper, seashells, linen, hemp, feathers, timber stools, etc. We also encourage you to bring in plants, candles, cushions, books, ceramics, etc. Items like this will remind you to be patient and appreciate what is.


Bespoke design kitchen in stained oak with white accent lighting and simple decorations


This was our selection of ideas for incorporating the Japandi Style into your home. We hope that they will help you bring more harmony to your everyday experience.


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