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7-Ways Portable Aromatherapy Can Be Your Ticket To A Happier Life

Essential Oils from Dried Flowers
Portable Aromatherapy for happier life

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We all want good health. When we become ill, we seem off balance. Even a minor or seasonal illness can disrupt our sleep, appetite, and ability to focus. For centuries, people have turned to nature to recover and renew our bodies. Today, it is easier than ever before.




The use of essential oils pre-dates The Egyptian Empire. Plants, herbs, and other natural ingredients have long been known for their healing powers. Long before there were medications for pain, infection, and illness the power of nature was used to heal and restore physical and mental health. The use of plants, oils, and mixtures to heal was handed down from generation to generation. Healers, medicine men, and midwives carefully guarded the recipes.





In our modern world, the use of quality essential oils and aromatherapy is available in stores and online. High-grade oils such as the ones you can view here are proven to work. Knowing which oil to use or which mixture to use is as close as your computer. Using the oils correctly is not difficult. This is due to the extensive studies done on the oils. It is also due to the fact that the oils can be administered in different ways.


Methods of using essential oils



There are three ways you can use essential oils. These ways are time-tested and they easily travel.

● Apply directly to the skin
○ Essential oils can be massaged into the skin. In ancient Egypt, the oils were not placed directly on the skin. They were mixed with what we would call carrier oils (like Olive Oil) and massaged on the body. Oils were often added to a bath so the water would weaken the administration of the oil.
● Consumed
○ Strong oils, are sometimes be brewed into a tea or added to certain foods. For something serious like extreme pain, a single drop of essential oil was placed under the tongue.




● Aroma
○ The smell of essential oils penetrates the thin membranes in the nose for instant administration. It can be dispersed into an area via an oil warmer or diffuser or simply smelled in their containers.


Aromatherapy and meditation at the beach

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Modern methods of using ancient oils



Today, people face different challenges than they did hundreds of years ago. We face stressful situations every day. We must fight traffic problems and a host of road problems as we try to make our way around in our automobiles. We have a phone on us 24/7 and people continually try to contact us for one reason or another. Our jobs are stressful. No matter what profession you have, in modern society, you are always rushing and trying to do more with less.




We would love to soak in a huge pool of warm water with lavender, sandalwood, and lemongrass, but who has time? Actually, you do.


7 ways to use portable aromatherapy



● Place a portable diffuser in your automobile. A small diffuser in your car is a perfect solution. Place a drop of oil and a few drops of water into a portable diffuser and plug it into the receptor of your car (where you charge your phone.) You will instantly feel calmer and less anxious.

● Place a small electric diffuser on your desk. The scent will not bother other workers as long as you do not put too much of the oil in the diffuser. You can use oils that help you focus and concentrate as well as oils that lift your mood.

● There are many types of jewelry that have wooden balls enclosed in an open design pendant. Place the oil on the pendant of a necklace, bracelet, or ring. You will smell the gentle fragrance. If you feel your stress rising, simply move the pendant to your nose for a moment and breathe deep.

● Place a drop directly on each wrist and at the base of your neck. Rub it in until it no longer feels oily. The smell will find you but the oil will also absorb through the skin.

● Keep a bottle of pain reducing oil in your pocket or handbag. A drop on each temple will cure a headache, use a bit more for a migraine.

● Fill a perfume bottle with a roller top with 2 parts coconut or olive oil and one part essential oil. You can apply it easily with the roller.

● Find places to put oils to refresh you when you walk in an area. For example, if you are using eucalyptus oils for sinus pressure, place a couple of drops inside the roll of toilet tissue. This keeps your bathroom fresh and allows the scent to revive your sinus efforts. Put a few drops of lavender, lemon oil, and grapefruit oil on a washcloth. Toss it in your dryer to freshen clothes. Then use the dry cloth as a drawer freshener. A few drops of peppermint oil on a warm washcloth, applied to the throat, will relieve nausea and cramps. It also has a natural painkiller.


Favorite oils



Click here for a list of oils and what they do. Once you have your favorites, make up a kit and keep it close by.

You might want to make a stress kit from bottles of:
● Basil
● Lavender
● Bergamot
● Frankincense

For pain, nausea, and upset stomach:
● Peppermint
● Clove
● Juniper

You will find essential oils are easy to use while you are on the go. You will soon find your favorites and you will be healthier and happier because of them.


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