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5 Ways to Increase Feminine Energy

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Most of us have felt what feminine energy but not many people can explain what it is. What is the true feminine energy meaning?


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Feminine energy has traits, considered opposite to that of the masculine energy. Every person has both feminine and masculine energy; these traits don’t depend on the gender. However, women feel more at home in their feminine energy and men in their masculine.


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The masculine side of every person is expressed when they are progressing in life and getting things done. The feminine side, on the other hand, is expressed in the acts of play and creation as well as embracing the flow of life. The balance of the two energies is necessary to help anyone feel like a balanced person.


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The stress and hustle of our lives can leave us depleted of our feminine energy. How can we get it back? How to be more feminine, get in touch with our feminine side and increase feminine energy? Here are 5 ways to increase the feminine energy.


woman lying on the grass flowers around with green leaves under her eyes


#1 Relax and Reflect

Make space for yourself and prioritize downtime. Stop being the doer and start listening to what is going on inside. Get in touch with your deeper self. You can use many ways to connect internally and heal the wounded feminine energy – start journaling, talk to friends, relax and reflect on your inner world.


woman on a picnic alone in Nature watching a mountainous landscape


#2 Go into Nature

The feminine energy is a source of life. You can go to places like parks, the forest or the ocean which are charged with feminine energy. Go to Nature when you need to recharge.


woman painting in an atelier with brushes and paint


#3 Get creative

The divine feminine energy is a creative force. But that doesn’t refer only to the female body which is designed to create life. Creation can come in many shapes and forms – dancing, writing, painting etc. Envision what you want to create and what expresses your creative flow best.


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#4 Improve your emotional expression

The masculine energy is related to logic, the feminine is expressed through feelings. The sad part is that we all have emotions but we are not taught how to understand and express them. A well expressed feminine energy in a relationship is a great booster, so if you want harmony to learn to acknowledge your feelings. Get to know yourself and your states, list how you feel and share it with your partner.


feminine energy woman silhouette in a dress dancing on the beach at sunset


#5 Be spontaneous

We are often stressed out and overworked so we don’t let ourselves experience the spontaneity of life. Too many of us don’t allow themselves to relax and play. Don’t wait until the next vacation! You can have mini-breaks every day. Enjoy a good book, listen to music, take care of yourself do some yoga, surround yourself with beautiful things or simply enjoy the moment. When you relax, you will feel more like yourself!


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It’s so easy to lose yourself and your feminine energy in the busy everyday life. Feminine energy is an important part of who you are and you need to nurture it. If you feel exhausted and overworked, you’re in urgent need of feminine energy to inspire and recharge yourself. Make these five steps part of your daily routine and the feminine energy will bring you back to your happy and balanced state.


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