10 Creative Ideas for DIY Christmas Cards

How to make your DIY Christmas card

With so much communication going on over the phone, internet and social media, we have forgotten about the old tradition of sending cards. It is a wonderful feeling to write a special message to someone on a piece of paper and give it yourself or send it the old-fashioned way – by post.

If you love crafting then you are probably excited to make DIY Christmas cards for your family and friends to add to their presents or into the stockings. Keep the magical spirit of the holiday in mind and think about your next crafting projects.

To help you get inspired we have collected 10 lovely, imaginative and beautiful DIY Christmas card ideas that you can make at home on a budget and even with the help of your children.


1. Fingerprint Reindeer

Fingerprint Reindeer DIY Christmas cards ideas white card with three reindeer pinecones in the background

 DIY Christmas cards three fingerprint reindeer Christmas decorations



Here is a way to create easy DIY Christmas cards that your kids will love. You just need a piece of cardboard, some paint and happy fingers. Get the fingerprints of your children on the cardboard and turn it into unique reindeer heads with eyes and red noses.


2. Christmas Buttons

Christmas cards with buttons simple snowflake card let it snow

Snowman made from white buttons Christmas card ribbon

handmade christmas card with rope buttons sequin


If you have a collection of colorful buttons you can use them to create cute DIY Christmas cards. It is very simple to turn these buttons into baubles and make fun, 3D cards for the holidays.


3. Cotton Pads

DIY christmas cards inspiration blue cotton pads snowman card

Cotton Pads Christmas DIY cards ideas two cards made with cotton


If you are stuck for last-minute cute homemade Christmas cards here is an easy idea. Look through your bathroom supplies and create a striking cotton pad snowman that will look just like real. Just stick the pads on top of each other add some eyes, a carrot and hands, and there you have it!


4. Pasta Bows

christmas card from pasta red ribbon name tag


This has to be one of our favorite Christmas DIY cards ideas because it combines favorite a food and holiday. Pasta is cheap and incredibly fun to play with.


Pasta Christmas diy ideas wreath red ribbon

christmas cards from Pasta Bows inspiration wreath

DIY Christmas cards from pasta ideas


Paint some dried pasta bow ties and stick them together to make a wreath. You can add a ribbon and sprinkle them with glitter for extra sparkle.


5. Rope Tree

Rope Tree DIY Christmas card idea light blue card with sea stars


This is another easy and creative Christmas card idea. You just need a piece of rope to fold in the shape of Christmas tree and stick it to the base of your card. You can decorate the tree with buttons, glitter or anything else that you find pretty.


6. Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper Christmas DIY cards watercolor cards

Christmas cards diy recycled paper reindeer golden dots white card


Use paper that you don’t need any more to cut out different shapes. These can be hearts, stars, angels, snowmen or whatever else you like to have on your card. If you want to get a lovely vintage effect, you can cut your shapes out of old music sheets.


7. Christmas Stickers

Christmas Stickers for Christmas DIY cards two colorful cards for kids

DIY Christmas Stickers cards ideas colorful card with a koala

Cute DIY Christmas card with a car and holiday decor


If you want to create DIY Christmas cards for kids here is a cute idea. Use a mix of their favorite themed stickers on one side and leave the other one empty for your message. It’s simple, fast and fun to make.


8. Overlapping Patterns

christmas card with overlapping patterns on a wooden surface

Christmas card with several overlapping patterns and designs reindeer forest checkered background


Get all the paper that you have lying around from previous projects and create a unique card with overlapping materials and patterns. You can also add felt, wool, rope and any other little bits to make it look even more festive.


9. Sewing a Tree

Sewing a Tree DIY Christmas card inspiration embroidery red tree on a white background

Christmas card with a sewn tree from green fabric


Use scrap materials to sew a Christmas tree on your cards. This is an original way to create beautiful and unique cards with just a few things at hand. Stitch the pieces together in the shape of a tree and Voila!


10. Felt Creations

Felt Creations DIY Easy Christmas cards crafting supplies


Felt is incredibly versatile and easy to use, that’s why it is perfect for crafting. Plus, you can cut it into any shape you want. Pick up the colors you need and make Santa’s face or a happy snowman just by glueing pieces of felt together.

We hope you have a lot of fun with these DIY Christmas Cards ideas. Play some holiday tunes, get out the craft supplies and make card crafting a family event!


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