The Weirdest Souvenirs You Can Get From Different Destinations

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When you visit a new place, it is tempting to commemorate the trip with a souvenir or to buy something special for a loved one. In this article, we want to share with you some of the weirdest souvenirs from various destinations around the globe.


hand holding a small bottle with snake wine in Vietnamese souvenir shop shelves in the background


#1. Snake Wine (Vietnam)

One of the weird souvenirs you can buy in Vietnam is snake wine. Most people are afraid of snakes. Yet, this does not apply to Vietnamese. If you go to this amazing Asian country, you can buy a bottle of wine with high alcohol content. What is special about it is that inside you will see a picked cobra.


man in a blue shirt holding an alligator head with three more heads on a dark blue surface in front of him



#2. Alligator Head (Louisiana, USA)

An alligator head is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a souvenir. Yet, this is the perfect gift for anyone who is a hunter. An alligator head can also help you pretend that you have been on a hunting trip.


a bag of surume snack from Japan dried squid sticks


#3. Surume (Japan)

One of the weird Japanese souvenirs you can bring home is Surume. Surume is a famous seafood snack made of dried squid. However, some people like pinning surume to a wall and using it as a room decoration. Unfortunately, it can chase people away from your space because it has a specific smell.


canned air in two white cans with text on their labels


#4. Canned Air (Venice, Italy)

Another one of the weirdest souvenirs people buy from famous destinations is canned air. Believe it or not, tourists like the feeling of bringing home a piece of their favourite place. NYC, Paris, Venice, and Berlin are just a few of the numerous examples.


deep sea water from hawai a bottle of water on a beach with the ocean in the background


#5. Deep-Sea Water (Hawaii, USA)

Next, local people in Hawaii believe that water from a depth of 3,000ft contains a lot of healthy nutrients and minerals. This is why some tourists buy it as drinking water.


Man looking at the camera showing three stuffed toads in front of him


#6. Stuffed Toad (Australia)

Cane Toads belong to the most harmful pests in Australia. Interestingly enough, this is the reason why Australians have turned this animal into a souvenir. If you visit this continent, you will have the chance to buy a stuffed toad and this is said to bring good fortune.


poop coffee in a large bowl being stirred by a hand


#7. Poop Coffee (Philippines)

The last item on our list of weirdest souvenirs is Kopi Luwak coffee. This coffee is special because it is made with animal poop. Believe it or not, it is famous for being one of the tastiest coffees in the world.


buying souvenirs two women with long hairs in summer dresses and sunhats looking at souvenirs at a shop


These were just a few examples of souvenirs that are more unusual than what we are used to. We hope that some of the weirdest souvenirs will inspire you to open up your mind and say Yes to new experiences both while travelling and in your everyday life.


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