How the World Drinks Coffee

drinking coffee

Almost everyone in the world drinks coffee. Nevertheless, different countries have their unique ways of preparing and drinking the beverage. In this article, we want to explore together different types of coffee.


Irish coffee on a wooden table outside in the sun with a plate and spoon


#1. Irish Coffee

It is not a coincidence that a lot of people like Starbucks’s Irish cream cold brew. Irish people first created their original type of coffee in 1943. It includes a mix of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, whipped cream and brown sugar. So, similar to the German Pharisäer, it actually resembles a lovely dessert.

Italian espresso coffee in a glass cup on a table outdoors on the street



#2. Italian Espresso

Everyone drinks coffee in Italy. Both tourists and locals. Yet, even if you have never been to Italy, you have certainly tasted espresso at least once. Usually, people drink shots of this world-famous Italian coffee or have it with a little milk. This strong coffee with froth on top is made with machines that push pressurized steam through the coffee beans.


spanish cortado coffee in a glass on a table


#3. Spanish Cortado

We do not know a lot about the story of the Spanish cortado coffee. It is often confused with piccolo latte or New Zealand/Australian flat white macchiato. However, it is actually one shot of espresso and a little bit of milk (1:1 or 1:0,5 ratio).

Cortado means to cut. The term refers to the fact that the milk cuts through the intensity of the espresso. In this way, it tones down its acidity. However, the coffee’s flavour remains.


making coffee barista pouring milk into two ceramic mugs making coffee


#4. Wiener Mélange

Wiener mélange is a traditional Austrian type of coffee that has gained global popularity. It is a mixture of espresso and steamed milk. Besides, there is a little foam on the top which makes it similar to a cappuccino. It is common to serve Wiener mélange with whipped cream on top, too.


greek frappe on a wooden table on the beach frappe in glasses with straws


#5. Greek Frappe

When you hear Greek frappe, you may immediately think about a Frappuccino. Nevertheless, it is actually a refreshing summer drink that you can make with instant coffee, sugar, water and milk (optionally). What is specific about the frappe is that you need to shake it up a lot so that you create a lovely foamy top. And finally, you have to pour the beverage over ice.


hand holding a glass with cuban coffee in front of a window with green shutters


#6. Cuban Coffee

Cuban coffee is another name for café Cubano. This beverage consists of strong coffee and whipped sugar which rises to the top of the cup and forms a foamy layer. As you can probably guess, it is a very sweet type of coffee.


two people cheering with two mugs of coffee with cream and colorful applications on it


#7. Moroccan Spiced Coffee

If you want to treat yourself, try drinking coffee the way Moroccans do. Provide yourself with freshly ground coffee beans, as well as a blend of spices like ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. You can prepare your coffee by using a French press. Also, you can add cream and sugar to make it sweeter.


woman drinking coffee in a white mug and laughing


To sum up, you can always make coffee at home or grab a cup of Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks. Yet, experiencing how the world drinks coffee can help you travel in a different way and widen your horizons. So, do not miss that opportunity!


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