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Have you thought about upgrading your backyard but don’t know where to start? If so, we have got you covered! Keep reading for some great landscaping ideas and tips that will help you create a gorgeous space everyone can enjoy!


backyard decorating party table with hanging lights and chairs with blankets


Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

spilling flowers from a huge ceramic jug purple flowers in a garden


#1. Waterfall of Flowers

Waterfalls of flowers resemble a pot of flowers that have been tipped over and the flowers are spilling out. On the one hand, they are suitable for any backyard. On the other hand, you can purchase them at most garden shops. To create the spilling effect, you will need to plant some flowers in the ground.



hill flower with different plants stones and rocks


#2. Hills of Flowers

Even if you do not want to choose tall plants, you can draw the eye upward. How? By building up small hills of dirt and then planting flowers in the hill. Hills of flowers can be very eye-catching. Yet, you need to plan carefully what flowers you plant because perennial flowers do not last the whole season.


living room outdoors with a fire pit lanterns chairs and a sofa


#3. Outdoor Living Room

If your backyard is big enough and you have always wanted to extend your home decor to the outside, then create your outdoor living room. For instance, you can design a sofa seating area with a long fireplace set and a fountain. Make sure you add large, hanging umbrellas and ambient lighting so that you can enjoy your outdoor oasis in the rain, as well as at night.


sloped yard with green grass and stairs


Sloped Backyard Design Ideas

Hillside properties are very charming, but they can also turn into a serious landscape challenge. So, here are some helpful downward or upward sloping garden ideas.


woman patio sitting in a green chair looking at the garden


If you want to layer different landscaping elements and plants for a cohesive design, then create several tiers. Also, you can make a natural staircase or design a waterfall.


backyard garden with flowers rattan chairs lavender bushes


Furthermore, you can cut away a portion of a hill and erect a retaining wall. This will make your property more functional because the wall will hold back the soil. What is more, it is also possible to create a planting area around the wall.

Other popular slightly sloped backyard ideas include building hardscapes such as a fire pit, cultivating a rock garden or installing beds for vegetables.


sloped backyard with a wooden table and chairs surrounded by tulips


Tips for Feng Shui Backyard Design

According to Feng Shui, you need to surround your backyard with a natural fence that acts as a barrier for protection and privacy.

Second, create a sense of comfort and security by including elements like green plants, stone walls and large rocks. Nevertheless, make sure you leave open spaces that allow free life force flow. This is particularly important when it comes to the area in front of the house.


outdoor living room with a huge fireplace and a sitting area with sofa and chairs


Next, it is nice to have a multi-level backyard with pool, because according to Feng Shui water attracts wealth.
In addition, take into consideration that different plants use, generate and store energy in different ways. So, choose a particular color palette for each are in your backyard in order to balance energy flow. On top of that, it is recommendable that you plant trees exactly in the backyard. Otherwise, they might trap the energy flowing into a home.


backyard design modern yin and yang wooden island


Last, but not least, remember that balance and proportion are extremely important as far as Feng Shui landscaping ideas are concerned. So, add beautiful objects and garden decorations. Yet, avoid planting together trees and shrubs with a huge height difference.


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