5 Little Known Benefits of Using a Water Softener at Home

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Want to improve the quality of water in your home? Here are some of the top benefits of using a water softener and why should have one installed!


According to the latest government stats, a full 85% of Americans live in a hard water area. You might think that this is not an issue, but hard water can cause problems to pile up fast when you least expect it. Hard water can damage your plumbing and necessitate thousands of dollars of repairs.

Hard water also tends to greatly reduce the lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers and kettles, while the metals and minerals found in hard water can even cause health problems. That is why it pays to have a water softener. By arranging a water softener installation for your home, you can realize the benefits immediately. But what are these benefits? Read on to find out.

1. A Water Softener Conserves Water

One of the most important benefits of water softeners that people do not realize is that they help you conserve water. Most water softeners come with meters that allow you to control your water consumption and only use the water that is necessary (you can learn more here about the best water softener for this).

In addition, hard water causes lime scale to build up in pipes. When this happens, more water pressure and thus more water are needed to push water through the pipe. A water softener system can prevent this.

2. Softer Skin, Cleaner Hair

The ions and minerals in hard water are not soluble with the vast majority of soaps and shampoos. This means that, no matter how expensive your beauty regime is, hard water might mean that your products are not working. By using a water softener, you can ensure that your soaps and shampoos are working exactly as intended, meaning softer skin and cleaner hair every day.


3. Soft Water Means Softer Clothes

Hard water contains minerals that mean the water in your washing machine will not bind with your clothes. In addition, those exact same minerals cause the colors and dyes in most clothes to disintegrate and fade. By using a water softener, you can prevent this completely, meaning softer clothes and brighter colors.

4. Give Your Plumbing a Break

If hard water has caused your plumbing to amass lime scale, a plumber might recommend that you flush out the system with water softener salt. This is because soft water is necessary for a healthy plumbing system. If a plumbing unit is subjected to hard water for too long, it will break down completely. If you want to avoid spending thousands on a new plumbing system, consider using a water softener for a tiny fraction of the cost.

5. Enjoy Cleaner Dishes

Have you been furiously scrubbing all of your glassware and dishes, only for them to remain cloudy and grimy? If so, the culprit is likely hard water. The ions in hard water mean that dish soap is considerably less effective. By using a water softener, you can make sure that your dishes are clean.

More Essential Home Hacks at Your Fingertips

Buying a water softener is just one simple home hack that can have a dramatic difference on your quality of life. For more simple and affordable home hacks, we have got you covered. Make sure to check out our Home & Lifestyle section for the latest and greatest home hacks.


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