The Prettiest Garden Shrubs

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You want to perk up your yard? If so, you are in the right place. Let us delve deeper into the world of garden shrubs and turn your garden into a breath-taking oasis.


woman trimming red roses at sunset with large scissors


#1. Shrub Rose

Flowering shrubs are a great choice when it comes to groundcovers. On the one hand, they provide color. On the other hand, they oftentimes perfume the air with their unique fragrance.

One of the most popular garden shrubs is the shrub rose. This term encompasses different rose breeds that are born as a result of crossing modern-rose types with old varieties. It is very nice that there are various ways of planting this type of shrubs: as hedges, screens, etc. Yet, if you want to grow rose bush from cuttings, then pay closer attention to the expert tips for pruning bush roses.

potentilla shrub with yellow flowers and green leaves



#2. Shrubby Cinquefoil (Potentilla)

Next, we want to introduce you to potentilla- a hardy flowering shrub that stands up well to both coastal and urban environments. It is one of the ornamental shrubs with yellow flowers. Not only does cinquefoil feature a long bloom time, but it is also extremely versatile. As a result of this, you can add it to mixed borders, as well as small container gardens.


pink camelia shrub with large pink flowers


#3. Garden Camellia

Did you know that the lifespan of camellias can be over 100 years? These garden shrubs have beautiful flowers in white, red or pink. Besides camellias come in various shapes: single, rose-form double, semi-double, anemone, peony form, etc. In comparison to the previous shrubs, garden camellia can bloom from late fall to mid-spring.


woman watering bushes with pink and purple blossoming flowers

blue flower with bright green leaves outdoors


#4. Hydrangea

If you have a passion for full bushes, then consider planting hydrangea. This shrub has large, cloud-like flower heads that are truly eye-catching. You can plant it as an accent, in containers or as a hedge. Another advantage of hydrangea is that it thrives in a lot of soil types.


pink weigela flower with a bunch of pretty blossoms


#5. Weigela

Another easy-care shrub is weigela. This old-fashioned romantic shrub is famous for its amazing foliage and cheerful spring bloom. Weigela’s flowers are in the shape of a tube, which is very attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Their colors can vary from nearly black to creamy variegation. On top of that, there is a wide range of weigela sizes. This makes this bush one of the most preferred garden shrubs for nearly any landscape.


light lilac rose of sharon in full bloom with green leaves


#6. Rose of Sharon

Interestingly enough, this shrub is a type of hibiscus. Therefore, its prominent stamen attracts hummingbirds. In addition, it is one of the garden shrubs that flowers later in the season. This gives homeowners and gardeners the opportunity to enjoy a colorful garden in late summer.


white and gentle abelia blossoms on a tiny branch with green leaves


#7. Abelia

Abelia is another ornamental shrub with tubular flowers. It blooms from spring through fall, so it would be a great addition to your garden shrubs. You can plant an abelia hillside, mass along a slope or as a hedge or screen.


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