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Moroccan architecture and design reflects the diversity, culture and history of the country through geometry and detail. Influenced by multiple religions and cultures, this style looks great in both traditional and modern homes. Furthermore it is luxurious, exotic and rich, and has bold shapes and colors that make it one of the most popular choice of many interior designers.



Maroccan-Style-Blue Front-Door


With its patterned window frames, arches, domes, decorative tile work, high ceilings, mosaics and carved wood, the Moroccan architecture is maybe one of the most unique and beautiful. The rich colors, fabrics and patterns as well as the interior design of Moroccan homes evoke a sense of romance, sensuality, lux and wonder.




Some of the most used Moroccan style decorations include lively patterns and prints, pouffs, side tables and throw pillows. Mix and match some of the liveliest colors like lavender, blue, green, turquoise, violet, orange, gold and red to achieve exotic atmosphere. Choose the best details to create a cozy home style inspired by the fairytale called Morocco.






Elegant Moroccan décor pieces look nice and cozy and as a result it makes the home more warm and inviting. If you want to bring this bright style into your life here are some easy ideas you can introduce.


Architectural Details



Traditional Moroccan architecture is therefore shaped by centuries of religious and cultural influences.






Some of the most recognizable elements of this style are the curved doorways and beautiful archways. These add a lot of character to the interior design.


Moroccan Colors



This style is defined by bold color choices. Therefore they embrace the traditional interiors and range from subtle to bold, brilliant and subdued.








Often the color scheme reflects the ocean and desert hues, so it is common to see orange, green, blue and red dominate the interior. Moroccan patterns are also quite traditional and widely used.





Moroccan style is traditionally popular with its plush and ornate furniture. Delicately carved and upholstered furniture is a staple in the interior.


Moroccan-living-space-interior-design ideas






Coffee tables, side tables, poufs, plush couches, chests and carved seat bases are some of the pieces which are part of the Moroccan room.





Moroccan lanterns are a very recognizable element of this design style.



Most noteworthy they are intricate pieces made of brass and copper which cast amazing shadows on the surroundings when hung on the ceiling.






Most of all this creates a mystical warm and exotic atmosphere.




moroccan-pattern-interior-design home


Moroccan fabrics like silk can be used in so many different ways like draperies, room dividers and for furniture protectors.




Therefore traditionally Moroccans are making probably some of the most beautiful and distinct rugs in the world.




They are used as blankets, bedding or saddles and their design is focused also on geometric and abstract patterns with neutral and colorful palettes.





Tiles and mosaics are colorful, beautiful and very typical for this style. In addition they serve various purposes for framing windows and doors, decorating walls, floors and even fountains.








Add warmth, a sense of mystery and exotic luxury to your home with a few Moroccan inspired design elements and decorations.

For more ideas and inspirations how to make your home a magnificent Moroccan palace, full of warmth and coziness – here are The French Bedroom Company Top Tips:


Moroccan Moodboard


Furthermore it is a versatile style which looks and feels great in any type of home. Get ready to decorate and welcome the magic of Morocco into your home!



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