The Most Inaccessible Places On Earth

King penguins walking on the beach in Macquarie Island - Australia

Remote island with good nature


Looking to avoid tourist places for the next holidays? Try to visit one of the most isolated places on Earth. You must know though, that they are in such remote places that you will need to rent a boat or plane. Of course, if you really want to reach them. Exceptional qualities is what these incredibly serene and isolated places have.


Tristan de Cunha – British Overseas Territory

Tristan island with a view on its nature, the ocean and a bird flying in the sky


Tristan de Cunha is home of many volcanoes and is located in the South Atlantic. Population of 258 people and only nine different surnames. The locals there speak English, but they have also invented their own dialect. According to their various places of origin, they derived words from Scottish, English, South African, American, Dutch, Italian and Irish. South Africa is the closest country to this British overseas territory. However, getting there requires you to schedule your visit. You can use one of the three boats that make nine trips each year from Cape Town.



Macquarie Island – Australia

Snowfall in Macquarie


Accordingly, when the ships that transported travelers to Antarctica stopped there to interrupt the trip for a few days, Macquarie Island became a “tourist destination”. Halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica, the uninhabited island mainly hosts scientists and support personnel. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, it is a nesting home of the royal penguins.


Cape York Peninsula – Australia

Two persons exploring Cape York Peninsula with their sport car


Although surrounded by crocodiles, it is a great place to go fishing and do sport. Cape York is the northernmost point of Australia, owned by five indigenous communities. Approximately 28 hours drive from Cairns and there it is always mandatory to rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive.


Svalbard – Norway

People looking at the Northern lights in Norway


Framed in the Arctic Circle, about 2,000 of the 2,700 residents of Svalbard live in the city of Longyearbyen and the rest are miners and scientists. It is a home to the Global Seed Vault – underground warehouse of seeds from plants around the world that are kept safe there.


Kerguelen Islands

Kerguelen island on a cloudy day


It is a French overseas territory in the southern Indian Ocean. Also known as the Islands of Desolation, gives us an idea of how remote they are. At more than 3,300 km from the nearest populated location, it is undoubtedly one of the most isolated places on the planet. Around 45 in the winter and about 110 people in the summer and the population fluctuates depending on the season.


Oymyakon – Russia

Frozen isolated car put in a kids' park with everything in ice around


Known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth and located in the east of Siberia, Oymyakon is a place where it is hard but not impossible to survive. People eat reindeer meat, frozen fish, so it keeps them alive. Living in darkness for 21 hours a day. Also an average temperature of -58 degrees is how their days go. Most use external toilets, since the water is frozen by the pipes. For example, a few minutes outside and you can definitely end up frozen.


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