Pots and Plants Outside – Which Indoor Plants Love the Outdoors

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As soon as spring arrives, most of us feel called to spend more time outside. Yet, we often forget that plants initially grew in the great outdoors, not in pots. If you want to move your indoor pots and plants outside for the warm months, you are in the right place. Here is how to do that correctly step by step.


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Common Mistakes When Moving Indoor Pots and Plants Outside

It is easy to google ‘outside flower pot arrangement ideas’ and then replicate someone else’s suggestions. However, before you jump into action, we recommend that you make yourself familiar with some common mistakes.


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First, temperature plays a major role. So, do not take your plants outside before it is at least 55°F. Nevertheless, when it gets above 95°F during the summer, you need to pay attention to watering. Under-watering is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to taking care of plants outside. Therefore, you need to check them daily and make sure they get enough water.


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Another factor to take into consideration is wind. Indoor plants do not thrive in windy conditions. So, put them near your house. Besides, make sure you move them inside for a while whenever it gets extra windy.


wooden outdoor table with various pots and plants and gardening tools surrounded by potted plants


Last, but not least, be prepared for pests. It is inevitable to deal with insect problems when you put indoor pots and plants outside. Therefore, accept that leaves will not always be flawless. Yet, be ready to treat infested plants with insecticides whenever necessary.


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Useful Tips for Moving Pots and Plants Outside Correctly

Are you interested in planting tulips outside from a pot? Do you want to plant lavender in a pot outside? Or maybe you would like to fill your balcony with green plants in outdoor pots? Whatever the case might be, here are a few useful tips to follow.


wooden chair with a white sun hat on in the middle of a lavender field

First, experts stress the importance of ensuring proper conditions in the garden. As we already mentioned, daily temperatures play a role. Besides, plants need access to shade, especially in the first 2 weeks outdoors.


large outdoor pots with blossoming flowers in different colors arranged on a staircase


Plants that do not require a lot of light can stay in the shade. On the other hand, desert plants like cacti and succulents can be moved to part-sun conditions for a while and then in direct sunlight. No matter if plants are sunbathing or not, they will get enough vitamin D and increase their size outside.


planting tulips outdoors dark purple tulips in a garden surrounded by pots


Last, but not least, consider using a fertilizer of your choice. This will improve the texture of the soil and provide additional nutrients to the plants.To sum up, moving pots and plants outside for the warmer months is mission possible. Nevertheless, follow the steps and avoid the common mistakes listed above. This will help you acclimate houseplants to outdoor conditions and enjoy them all summer long.


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