Placing Art in Your Home – Tips and Tricks

placing art at home

Placing art in your home is more than hanging things on blank walls. On the one hand, displaying nice artwork can make your space look cosy and inviting. On the other hand, when done properly, it can also make you feel better. To help you get started, we have gathered some useful tips and tricks.


wall posters on a wall in a living space with modern furniture art at home


1. Don’t Rush & Don’t Spend Beyond Your Means

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to interior design and placing art. After all, most of us do not have the time and resources to re-decorate every few weeks. Therefore, we recommend that you give yourself space to plan out the perfect arrangement. If you find it hard to visualize, try sketching your plan.


art on the wall living space vintage furniture with open window door to a balcony



Next, we encourage you to get clear about your priorities and set an appropriate budget. While it might be nice to display large pieces of art, it is not wise to break the bank. So, you can create a big focal point by grouping numerous smaller art pieces together.


woman in striped shirt placing a black and white baby photo on the wall


2. Mix Different Frame Styles

Placing artwork on walls often requires choosing the right frame. If you assume that it is necessary to go for one single frame style, think twice. Interestingly enough, you can use various frame styles and still create a harmonious look in your home. To do so, give yourself room for creativity and follow your intuition.


wall decor different frames on a white wall over a wooden piece of furniture


3. Decorate Every Room

Placing paintings on walls is not something that only applies to the living room and the bedroom. In fact, arranging art in less obvious places like the bathroom or the laundry room can add a smile to your day. So, hang pieces of art throughout the whole home and reap the benefit of this.


elegant art on a contrasting white brick wall on a white shelf


4. Pay Attention to Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting plays a vital role when it comes to properly place art in your home. For example, it is important to make sure that no ceiling fixture obstructs the line of sight to the decoration. In addition, light can help you highlight a wall art.


mix frame styles two examples in living spaces with gallery walls


5. Align Your Space with Feng Shui Principles

Following the basic Feng Shui principles can help you harness the energies around you and live in a peaceful and joyful home. So, get familiar with them before you choose your layout, furniture or feng shui bedroom wall décor.


gallery wall sleek interior in contrasting colors with art in different frames on a grey wall


For example, according to Feng Shui, green and teal colours promote healing and growth. On the other hand, blues and blacks stimulate intuition and rejuvenation.
When it comes to forms, the oval shape can help you maintain balance. In comparison, the heptagon is associated with spirituality and wisdom.


salon style wall with different art and paintings with colorful accents


To sum up, there are plenty of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to placing art in your home. Therefore, we recommend that you do your research but also listen to your own inner voice.


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