Oman a Fairytale from 1001 Nights

Woman sitting on a balcony looking at the garden view

Woman sitting on the balcony of an old house with a view on palms


Oman is quickly becoming the new hot touristic spot in the Middle East. Where is Oman located? It is between Yemen and the UAE, just next to Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most peaceful, liberal and diverse countries in the region, and this is one of the reasons why tourists are coming to visit.


Man walking through a desert


Wheres Oman in terms of tourism? Well, the government has just announced that it will make a huge investment in improving tourist facilities. A brand new terminal of the International airport in the capital of OmanMuscat opened this year. Still, the country has a long way to go to become a tourist and backpacker friendly destination. The government is putting efforts to solve problems like limited public transportation and not enough tourist facilities. Still, Oman is like a fairytale from a 1001 Nights.


So, if you decide to visit Oman, here are the top 5 places you shouldn’t miss.


1. The Sultan Qaboos Mosque

A mosque in Oman with a nice yard with bushes as decor


This is a new mosque that opened in 2001 in Muscat. It is dedicated to the Sultan of Oman. Today it is Oman’s most important spiritual site. It is getting world famous for its beauty and architectural detail. The best part is that it isn’t crowded like other sites. Both men and women must wear long covering clothes when entering the mosque.


2. Wadi Shab

Old man on a boat surrounded with palms and rocks


The Wadi gorge is a beautiful site with emerald green water pools. The walk to it takes 45 minutes and then you can cool down in the water. You can even swim through a cave and see a waterfall. The Wadi Shab is 1.5 hours from the capital Muscat by car. However, it is easy to reach because it is just on the side of the highway.


3. Oman Desert

A man walking with three camels through a desert


The Wahiba Sands or the Oman Desert is a must see. You can go camping or glamping, which is becoming more and more popular among tourists. The desert in Oman is enormous and is part of an area which belongs to all countries around.


4. Nizwa Fort

Woman in a dress standing on a castle's balcony


This is the most beautiful and one of the oldest castles in the country. It is a great spot for a walk during which you can learn a lot of interesting stories about the fort and its past.


Beautiful view on Nizwa fort


Moreover, the view from here is amazing, as you look over a green oasis of palms.


5. Misfat Al Abriyeen

Garden with old castle and palm trees around it


If you want to experience Oman in a more authentic way, you should stay in a traditional mud village. Mifsat Al Abriyeen is located in the Al Hamra region and is built into a mountainside. The houses have terraces on the roof overlooking beautiful, exotic gardens where bananas and dates are growing.


 An old castle surrounded with palm trees and mountains


With its undoubtedly interesting cuisine and culture, as well as natural wonders like the desert and the gorges filled with emerald water, Oman is becoming a magnet for the tourists. If you want to enjoy the country in the most authentic way, now is the best time to go before the crowds of tourists have discovered this gem of the Arabian world.


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