Estonian Foods to Try and Feel Like a Local

Estonian flag as a decor on a cake

A glass full of kvass and rye bread around it


Made from rye bread, kvass is a traditional fermented drink. To describe the flavor is really hard, though it is similarly to beer and soda. Kvass is considered non-alcoholic, but could still have up to 1% alcohol after the fermentation process.


Different flavors of Kalev chocolate


Slices of rye bread


Rye bread is as popular in Estonia as it is in Latvia and Lithuania. People in the Baltic countries like homemade bread, and can not imagine their food without it. Since most of the locals have their own secret family recipes, which their ancestors passed down through the generations.



Sprats on slices of rye bread decorated with boiled eggs and Estonian flags


Sprats can be found in almost all restaurants and shops since the Baltic Sea is full of them. There are many dishes made with sprats, but the most popular and simple is Kiluvõileib, also known as sprat sandwich. The recipe is simple: black bread, sprat, boiled egg and a bit of sauce. It may not look attractive, but you can be sure it’s delicious. Otherwise, why would the Estonians eat it for centuries?


Pudding made of kama with strawberries and blackberries on top


Not only in desserts but locals also mix kama with buttermilk or kefir and eat it for breakfast. So if you want to try a classic Estonian breakfast, you undoubtedly know what to order! Barely found anywhere else in the world, the Kama is one of the most iconic Estonian foods. Used as an ingredient to make delicious Estonian desserts, it is a mixture of toasted barley flour, rye, oats, and peas.



Aspic with pork meat, jelly, vegetables and boiled eggs


Although aspic might look pretty strange, it’s extremely delicious! A festive dish in Estonia, made from pork jelly, filled with vegetables, fruits, and pieces of meat. Usually served during the Christmas and Easter holidays.


Mix of potatoes and groat with cheese and parsley on top


Made of potatoes and groat, mulgipuder is very easy to prepare. What you have to do? Mix mashed potatoes with groat, add a little butter and pour a delicious sauce that usually contains bacon. Since it was considered an elegant dish, many years ago, the local peasants used to eat it during the most important festivities.


Traditional sweet pastry in the form of a braid


Made in a multitude of flavors, both sweet and savory so you will have many opportunities to perfect the technique of this ridged crown. The one made with a mixture of melted butter, sugar and cinnamon is the original and most widely adopted version.


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