Modern Pumpkin Home Decor – Thanksgiving Interiors 2021


Thanksgiving 2021 is just around the corner. So, it is time to refresh and renew your pumpkin home décor. In this article, we want to share with you our selection of inspiring ideas that can help you decorate your pumpkins in modern ways this fall. Check them out and get your glue gun ready!


two carved pumpkins stacked on top of each other in an indoor setting fall decor


#1. Carved Pumpkin House

If you are looking for pumpkin carving ideas, then this one might be right for you. First, if you want to be able to save your carved pumpkin house, then get a fake crafting pumpkin.


modern pumpkin home decor golden and silver pumpkins in front of a mirror on a glass table with lanterns



Second, use a permanent marker to draw where you want your windows and door to be, as well as a cutting tool to cut them out. Third, cut out the top of the pumpkin, so that you can work on decorating the windows from the inside out. You can glue black Spanish moss below the windows to make them look as though there are boxes. Next, grab some toothpicks and add glue to each end. Then put them behind the windows to add window panes. Besides, you can create shutters for the windows by using cardstock.


modern pumpkin decor on a mantel with a seasonal garland


When it comes to your door, you can paint it in a color you like. If you want to, you can even attach a fall wreath made out of the Black Spanish moss. Last, but not least, to make the roof more realistic, glue pinecone petals on the upper part of your pumpkin.


woven pumpkin decor three rattan pumpkins in an indoor decor


#2. Rattan Pumpkin Décor

Another type of décor that is very modern is rattan pumpkins. They are usually perfect for tabletop decoration because they are weatherproof and often have romantic lights.


two large carved pumpkin lanterns on a porch floor


#3. Outdoor Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns

Halloween might be over. However, this does not mean that lanterns are out of the game. There are diverse carving patterns you can choose from if you want to create your own lanterns. In addition, you can create lanterns out of paper, real pumpkins, etc.


two woven pumpkins on a white table with a vase with foliage next to them


#4. Woven Pumpkin Décor

One of the hot décor trends right now is all about woven pumpkins. The benefits of creating or buying such décor pieces are numerous. First, they do not require a lot of space in order to store them. Moreover, they are very light to transfer from one place to another.


golden and textile pumpkins scattered on a white surface
Interestingly enough, some people also use old sweater sleeves to make a DIY sweater pumpkin. This is another example of a modern decoration idea that is relatively easy to implement.


porch fall decor ideas mother and son sitting on a decorated porch with autumn leaves and pumpkins


#5. White and Gold Fall Décor

While there are various pumpkin home décor ideas you can choose from, we will always remain fans of white and gold fall décor. Therefore, we recommend making your own gold leaf pumpkins. Grab some plump pumpkins in white and use glue to place small pieces of gold foil onto them.


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