How to Make Your Easter Vacation Unforgettable

Happy kids collecting Easter eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs


Spring vacation is the perfect time for an escape. It gives the opportunity to experience the Easter traditions in a brand new way at a different place. Spring is the perfect time of the year to take a trip to a new destination, go on a road trip with the family, or relax at a luxury spa resort. There is so much to do and experience around this time.


Kids playing Easter games outdoors


In Europe, America and Asia, Easter month is when everything is in bloom and the energy and atmosphere is great. So, there are tons of nice places to go for Easter, and the best part is they are much more affordable than during the crowded summer months. Spring holidays are simpler to plan, easier on the budget and a great opportunity to spend some time with the loved ones.
Even if you decide to spend the holidays at home, check the Easter long weekend dates and make a mini-escape somewhere in Nature. It will have a guaranteed recharging effect.
We are excited to share several ideas that will make your Easter vacation even more unforgettable.



Enjoy local traditions

Kids dressed up for Swedish trick or treat


Even if you decide to visit another country or town for the Easter holiday, you can still enjoy some typical traditions. Different countries and communities celebrate the holiday differently and it is very enriching and exciting to experience the local way of celebrating.


Women playing with water - Slovak tradition


In some countries there are processions, carnivals and egg hunts, in others, the holiday is strictly religious. Still, it is very interesting to learn about different cultures and what people do for the holiday.


Surprise the kids

Two kids and a bunny outdoors


Kids love Easter for many reasons. It is a colourful, spring holiday full of sunshine, outdoor activities, candy and painted eggs.


Kids coloring eggs outdoors


Plus, it is a great opportunity to get crafty, get your hands dirty and create something unique. Even if you go on a holiday with the family arrange a fun, surprise activity for the kids.


Kid playing Easter game outdoors


It can be painting, pottery, planting or anything else that stimulates them to use their imagination.


Spring Photoshoot

Little girl with floral diadem and holding her teddy


Document your spring trip with a beautiful, professional photo shoot. Social media has made family albums look old-school, but actually, they are a great way to make memories and display them in a beautiful way as well as keep them private.


Family photo outdoors


Plus, with a photographer, you and your family can finally take a group photo without worrying about who’s going to take it. Pick a seasonal theme and put your smiles on.


Exciting activity

Family on an air balloon


If you are in for an adventure, try to do something special during the Easter holiday. A great option would be kayaking, flying with a hot air balloon, snorkeling or trekking. Do something different than what you are used to, get out of your comfort zone and conquer your fears. This is a great way to create a lasting memory of the experience. If you are travelling with kids, enjoy a zoo, aquarium, an amusement park or a petting zoo. They will love it and remember it for a long time.
We’ve all been working hard during the long winter, that is why we are looking forward to a happy Easter weekend or a carefree time at a new place. We hope our ideas have inspired you to spend the spring break creating unforgettable memories with your family or friends. Have a good Easter!


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