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Don’t limit your inspiration and creativity by staying indoors. Why not display Easter decorations outside this year? Outdoor Easter decorations will bring the festive mood to your porch, garden or backyard.







Easter ideas are simple and pretty, and they symbolize the excitement that marks the end of winter and the beginning of a colorful and cheerful new season. Ester brunches, dinners and egg hunts, there are so many fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with family and friends during the holidays.






To make things easier we have selected some festive Easter outdoor ideas to get you inspired for the holidays.


Hanging Jar Vases



If you like vintage Easter decorations, rustic décor with recycled pieces and fun DIYs, the hanging jar vases are just for you.






These are super easy to make. You can use old jars, recycled light bulbs or vintage vases. Decorate them with burlap, lace or ribbon and tie together with wire, fill with water and some pretty flowers and hang them on your porch or around your outdoor sitting area.


Easter Egg Garlands



The Easter egg garlands are colorful and fun, plus they are also very easy to make. You only need some plastic eggs, colorful spray and a heavy thread or a ribbon to tie or glue them on. The garlands are great for sheltered areas like the porch or around the front door.




These egg garlands can be made with hollow eggs too, and they make excellent seasonal decoration. If you like large outdoor Easter decorations use the garlands to decorate a whole tree. Spray paint some of the eggs in gold or silver for an extra special look.


Birdcage Wreath



Here’s another one of our favorite vintage Easter decorations. Transform a rustic or upcycled birdcage into a unique piece.




Simply fill with beautiful flowers like hydrangeas or tulips. You can also use florist foam to keep the flowers fresh longer. Add willow branches and attach the door with a colorful ribbon. You can hang it on the front door instead of a wreath or use it as a table centerpiece.


Flower Power





Spring is all about flowers and Easter marks the beginning of the new season, so you basically cannot overdo it when decorating with flowers.




Use potted plants on the table or buckets and baskets filled with blossoms on the porch. You cannot go wrong with this décor.







There is nothing more romantic and pretty than decorative lanterns. Fill them with candles in pastel colors or colorful eggs and place them on the outdoor stairs or the porch. Welcome your guests in style with several lanterns in the same design but in different sizes.






Easter is just around the corner, so if you feel like doing something special this year we hope these ideas will inspire you for beautiful, seasonal décor. Transform your home for the holidays both indoors and outdoors and welcome the new season in style.



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by Betty Stefanova


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