How to Bring the Outdoors in – Glass Doors in the Interior

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It is not a coincidence that glass doors are gaining significant popularity in recent years. Both interior designers and architects create numerous solutions because natural light has a lot of benefits. In this article, we want to share with you why it is helpful to have natural light flowing through every room. Moreover, we will list a few practical ways in which you can incorporate glass doors in the interior.


dark sliding patio doors looking to a green garden with trees and bushes and a tile covered patio


Benefits of Using Glass Doors

Glass doors allow you to have access to more natural light. And there are plenty of reasons why this is a good thing.


exterior white french patio doors to a nice garden with an arranged table and a dog looking outside from the open doors


First, more natural light means more vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health and calcium absorption. On top of that, it can help you prevent weight gain, depression, as well as some types of cancer. So, installing a front door and side panel made of glass can promote better health.


open white glass door with a living area inside and a garden outside


Second, you can incorporate office front entry doors with glass. In this way you can increase your energy levels and productivity while working. Third, natural light is one of the factors that impact the quality of your vision. So, if you want to prevent eye damage, consider adding a few foldable glass doors to your interior.


large dining area with surrounded by glass doors and a glass on the ceiling


Forth, believe it or not, natural light can help you sleep better. So, glass doors can be a great tool for overcoming sleep deprivation.


elegant white glass doors shot from a pretty outdoor space with flowers and lounge chair


Last, but not least, natural light helps us feel better because it increases our serotonin levels. This means that if you need to prevent or treat depression, do not underestimate the power of light.


elegant wood and glass door with a round shape on top french style


How to Bring the Outdoors in

Now that you know more about the benefits of glass doors, let us explore some of the most popular types. A lot of people like sliding doors because they allow you to maximize the space of the opening.


sliding patio door to a garden with trees in an elegant kitchen and dining space



Bi-fold doors are very practical, too. They include a series of individual folding patio glass panels and you can push each of them aside. The main advantage of bi-fold doors is that they create the illusion of a larger interior.


large sliding patio door in a modern interior space with dark frames


The third type of inside or outside doors with glass we want to present to you is French doors. These are a pair of single-hinged doors and they open away from each other. Go for French doors if you like elegant transitions between spaces and rooms.


glass office space with large glass doors and windows and modern furniture


Certainly, there are other types of glass doors that can help you bring the outdoors in. Stacking doors, pivot doors, and hinged single doors are just a few of the numerous examples. So, hopefully, this article will act as a source of inspiration for you next time you design a space.


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