Why are Easter Chocolate Bunnies Hollow?

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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Easter with chocolate bunnies or why they are hollow? Keep reading to learn the answers to these and other questions about Easter bunnies.


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Why Do We Eat Easter bunny candy?

Rabbits usually give birth to a lot of little babies. So, due to their fecundity, they became a symbol of new life and spring.


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According to a German legend, the Easter bunny lays, decorates and hides numerous eggs in the grass after its winter sleep. And this is why a lot of children take part in outdoor activities such as Easter egg hunts. Chocolate bunnies initially appeared in Germany in the middle of the 19th century. However, they gained huge popularity after Robert Strohecker used a large chocolate bunny for promotion purposes in his drug store.


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Why Are Chocolate Bunnies Hollow?

There are various reasons why chocolate bunnies are usually hollow. One of the reasons is that it was necessary to save cocoa rations during World War II. It seemed more reasonable to use cocoa for “civilian and military purposes” such as candy bars and breakfast cocoa. After the end of the war, an American soldier (Richard Palmer) returned to the US and established a chocolate company. Interestingly enough, his dog’s rabbit toy inspired him to produce hollow Easter chocolate bunnies.


Lindt traditional easter bunnies with red ribbons


Another reason for making chocolate bunnies hollow has to do with price. It takes less chocolate to produce hollow bunnies. So, this increases the perceived value.


porcelain easter bunny with colorful candy around


Last, but not least, we need to underline that one piece of chocolate is over about ½ inch thick. This means that it is almost impossible to bite into and enjoy a solid chocolate bunny. In addition, a lot of parents try to limit the amount the sweets their kids eat. So, it is easier for them to fill an Easter basket with multiple hollow chocolate bunnies without worrying too much about their children’s health.


easter milkshakes with straws in hollow chocolate bunnies


Best Chocolate Easter Bunny

Did you know that the largest chocolate bunny ever made weighed over 8,000 pounds and was more than 13 feet tall? It was made in 2014 for Chocofest in Brazil.


three bunnies from different chocolate white milk and dark


Yes, it may be impossible for you to witness and afford, not to mention eat, such a bunny. However, there are so many varieties that there is certainly something that would suit everyone’s personality. There are dark and white rabbit chocolates, some of which contain caramels or nuts. Melted Easter bunny hot chocolate can also be a lovely treat to sip on while your children race to find all of the Easter eggs.


chocolate bunny and eggs on a pile of colorful candy


On top of that, there are even bunnies dedicated to celebrities such as everyone’s favorite detective Benedict Cumber. Nevertheless, hollow milk chocolate bunnies still remain the most popular ones.


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