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We may still be in the midst of a pandemic. However, this does not mean that we cannot spend family fun time this Easter. Let us explore a few simple outdoor family activities that can help you make the holiday memorable.


child holding colorful water balloons for an outdoor egg toss game


#1. Water Balloon Egg Toss

You want to turn your Easter Sunday into a family fun zone. If so, try out this game. First, provide yourself with a couple water balloons and fill them with water. Second, go outside and split your family into pairs.


family enjoying time outdoors on a field at sunset



Third, each pair has to toss these balloon eggs back and forth. If any member of a team pops an egg, the whole team is out. The funny thing is that this will also make them soggy.


bunny hop race three children dressed like bunnies on a green lawn in bunny sacks ready to compete


#2. Easter Bunny Hop Sack Race

It has never been easier to turn a burlap sack into hours of Easter family bonding. You simply need to provide each player with a sack and let them race to the finish. If you like Easter decorations, you can deck each sack out with a bunny tail.


colored easter eggs for easter bowling game on a green lawn


#3. Egg Bowling

If you want to turn your garden into the ultimate family fun centre, organize an egg bowling game. For instance, you can try to knock down empty water bottles by rolling eggs. Another option includes competing to see who can get closest to a marker (i.e., a white egg).


two children with bunny ears hunting easter eggs in the forest



#4. Egg Snatch

Egg hunts can be a funny way of turning a family evening or morning into a memorable experience. However, we recommend that you make this classic game a little bit more intriguing. To do so, simply introduce stealing rules. This means that it is ok to steal eggs from each other’s baskets. Yet, if you catch a snatcher, you have the right take one of their own eggs.


father with two children playing an egg roulette at home


#5. Egged On Game

If your kids are older than 6, you can buy the Egged On Game. This is a roulette-style game where players crack plastic eggs on their heads. Someone will inevitably crack an egg filled with water and this is where the fun begins.


outdoor game tossing bean bags on a green loan


#6. Bean Bag Toss

Bag toss can be one of the simplest and funniest spring family activities. You just need to paint a bean bag board in your favorite Easter pastels and that is it. Get tossing!


egg roll children with wooden spoons rolling eggs on a green lawn


#7. Spoon & Egg Roll Race

If you like classic outdoor Easter games, then host your own egg roll race. Besides, you can organize a spoon race. This means that each member of the family will get a spoon and a wooden egg. Then everyone needs to arrive at the finish line without dropping the egg.


family outdoor activities family of four planting spring flowers in the garden together


This was our selection of ideas for simple, yet funny outdoor family activities you can try this Easter. We wish you happy holidays!


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