Cave Minimalism – The Hottest Design Trend of the Summer

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Every man needs a man cave – a dedicated space in the home where he can have fun, engage with his hobbies or spend time alone. In this article, we want to explore together the design trend of cave minimalism. So, keep reading if you want to learn how to create or revamp your masculine sanctuary space.


white cave with high ceilings and minimal furniture with colorful accent tables


Tip #1. Keep Things Simple

People often say that less is more. And you will certainly resonate with that statement if you happen to be a minimalist person. Interestingly enough, cave minimalism is also one of the most popular design trends this summer. Why is this so?

sleek modern design white cave room with creamy sofa and sleek furniture



First, a lot of men crave a stylish place to relax. Nevertheless, they seldomly feel eager to put a lot of effort into interior design.
Second, it is easier to recharge your batteries when you do not add a lot of clutter to your space. Having this in mind, it is no surprise that minimalism is for the rich, as well. In fact, the minimalist list includes famous minimalist names such as Steve Jobs, Michael Bloomberg and Amancio Ortega.


cave room in a hotel white furniture and woman in white gown sitting in front of a mirror


To keep your man cave simple, we encourage you to use smooth surfaces from hardwood floors and furniture, as well as solid color patterns. When you choose neutral colors and masculine materials such as wood and stone, your masculine sanctuary will look more inviting and appealing.


cave house santorini with white sofa and black chair large window open to the outside


Tip #2. Use Built-In Features

It would be awesome to have separate areas for different activities, right? However, sometimes space can be an issue. This is another reason why cave minimalism is gaining more and more popularity.


lighting white table with shelving and niches and colorful accents


One way to save space includes adding built-in alternatives. For instance, you may not have enough space for a bar. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot add a mini-bar. It can be as simple as putting a small wooden bar top plus shelving set up below and behind it.


cave interior design with exposed walls and stairs and stones


Tip #3. Add an Entertainment Unit

Most men like watching sports, shows and movies. Therefore, we recommend that you add a comfortable setting made for TV.
For example, you can mount flat-screen TVs on the wall. This will help you save space. In addition, it might also be a good idea to accommodate a video game system, a state-of-the-art sound system, as well as remote controls.


boutique hotel cave interior design with stairs white walls and stones


Tip #4. Do Not Forget About The Lighting

Men often turn their basement or garage into their man cave. Yet, such spaces do not offer access to a lot of natural light. Therefore, it is important to add proper lighting fixtures. For example, if you intend on using your man cave for entertainment and gaming, then focus on dim lighting.


cave design with high ceiling fireplace and modern furniture


These were just 4 aspects of cave minimalism that play a role when it comes to modern man caves. We hope that our selection of ideas will help you design and build the ultimate hangout room for you or your man.


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