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Are you Protecting your Hair Against the Sun?


Protecting your hair can be a challenging task, right? This particularly applies to the summer season when the hair is exposed to the hot summer sun. In this article, we want to share with you a few practical tips that can help you answer the question: “How can I protect my hair before and during the summer?”.


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Tips for Protecting Your Hair from Sun Damage

We all know how important skincare and protection is, don’t we? However, we sometimes underestimate the significance of hair protection.

Unfortunately, if your hair remains exposed to the sun for too long, this can lead to split ends, dry strands, discolouration and thinning. On top of that, it is very hard to manage and style damaged hair.



girl with long hair at home looking at the split ends of her hair



Although fine and light-coloured hair is more vulnerable to sun damage, experts recommend that we all take precautions. First, if possible, avoid going out in the hottest part of the day.


woman with curly hair dressed in a grey sweather applying protective hair spray to her curls


Second, use an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair. Another option includes wrapping a scarf around your scalp. Also, try to wear a swim cap when you swim in chlorinated pools. This is a great way of protecting your hair against chemicals.


woman on the beach with her hair down enjoying the sun
Last, but not least, it is helpful to provide yourself with SPF hair care products. This will allow you to protect your hair against harmful rays.


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Additional Tips for a Healthy Hair

While it is important to focus on protecting your hair against the sun, it is also vital to invest in hair protection throughout the whole year. For instance, it is useful to know what protects your hair from heat damage and how to protect hair from heat naturally. After all, if you style your hair on a daily basis, chances are it needs additional care. Natural alternatives to hair heat protectants include Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.


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Next, it is useful to learn how to protect wet hair when sleeping. Going to sleep with wet hair is definitely not ideal, yet there are specific steps you can follow in such cases.


woman in a white bathrobe in front of two mirror in the bathroom styling her hair with a hairpress


First, dry the underside of your hair. Second, apply a leave-in conditioner. Next, tie your hair into a bun and wrap it in a towel or a silk scarf. If you have wavy hair, you may also want to know how to protect curly hair while sleeping. Follow these steps to avoid a situation in which you wake up and your curls resemble a bird’s nest.


woman with a white towel on her hair face close up on a bright pink background holding her head with hands


Before you go to bed, hydrate your hair. Then tie it up loosely in a pineapple. Next, make sure you use a silk pillowcase. Last, but not least, protecting your hair can also be much easier if you wear a hair bonnet.


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